I still love finding insignificant pieces of scrap crap on the road. More and more I am attracted to broken bits from car accidents. That and the chunks of rubber and plastic also I assume, fallen off of vehicles either from impact or age.

In case anybody was wondering, I'm still here. Mostly Tod and I have been working like a team of horses removing dead tree chunks and limbs from the estate I care take for. Next I will start clearing out scads of leaves from the silt pond and regular pond hoping to do it before the insects get too hungry and the frog eggs burst. The eggs are in clumps, grotesque caviar-like masses floating near the surface. I don't want to disturb them but I also don't want to wait for a zillion tadpoles or whatever they are to appear while I'm in there with my rake.

Still working on my puzzle thing. Feeling just fine not doing anything else. Work (taxi) is non-existent. Mud season keeps things gloomy enough that tourists are also non-existent. I have to admit it feels good to just live day by day and not feel pressured to 'make art' or find where else to show/sell it. I'm appreciating the slowness of living the way I do. Appreciating Vermont as I've been reading scads of essay type books by Vermonters from the 1940's to present. I often toy with the idea of living somewhere else, knowing it would behoove my artistic career in many ways which I suppose is why I'm looking inward and really seeing where I am and enjoying that. I'm kind of on the diving board, but presented with more than one pool below. Not sure where I'm going to aim my body. Until then, I will enjoy the view.


sarala said...

I'll be really interested in what you make of the bits of cars. It will be a new direction for you!

Angela Recada said...

Hey Paula! I'm glad you're back. Those car bits look interesting, if I tried to pick up anything like that around her, I'd be hit by a speeding SUV or mini-van, for sure.
I'm glad to read there are still frog eggs to be found. They have all but disappeared around here.

Enjoy your physical outdoor labor and time for introspection! What a gift to have in the Spring.

Take care,

Margaret Ryall said...

I love the red with the metal and dark plastic. I find this a pleasing composition in itself.
I have a friend in Alberta who created a whole body of work based on the shreds of blown out tires found on roadways. She is a painter who does a great job of layering images ( some realistic and some abstracted)to create narratives that really intrigue. Here's the link for Margaret Witschel http://www.witschl.com/paintseries1_04.htm
I'm excited because she is coming to Newfoundland at the end of May to attend meetings for the national arts board we serve on.

Kim Hambric said...

Perhaps its good that you have more than one pool below you. Are they full of water? Half-empty?

By the way, where should us artists be living?

self taught artist said...

the pools are OVERFLOWING even though some are filled with...well gross masses. artists should be in detroit, specifically...Hamtramck. More on this, its the post i lost last week and haven't had the energy to redo.

Karen said...

Every day I see some sort of trash that I just KNOW you would love! THere are car bits and cast off thingamajigs all over the place. People here just think it is all trash. IMAGINE! I looked up Hamtranck and this is what I found...In 1997, the Utne Reader named Hamtramck one of "the 15 hippest neighborhoods in the U.S. and Canada" in part for its punk and alternative music scene, its Buddhist temple, its cultural diversity, and its laid back blue-collar neighborhoods. And in May of 2003, Maxim Blender selected Hamtramck as the second "Most Rock N' Roll City" in the U.S., behind Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York City. Hamtramck is home of several of Michigan's most distinguished music venues.
Interesting..but what about ART?
Looking forward to you post on this and what ever will evolve from the car bits.

self taught artist said...

ha! you win the blogger who actually reads other comments and mine and takes it all in! i'm IMPRESSED karen.
actually has nothing to do with that history...the whole rock and roller thing isn't my bag, in fact there is more about it i dont want to deal with than i do but there is an opportunity there for people with gusto....i will have to post that post soon since you've queried.

deb said...

spring is finally here too, today actually it feels like summer it is so warm, everywhere I see interesting stuff revealed from under winter's remains and I think of you! I hope you are enjoying your centered days, I am envying you as I sit surrounded by a whirl of partying 17 year olds and an endless list of things to do this weekend before I deliver the work for my show on Monday!