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Some of you may remember my post on Felter Vilte Kazlauskaite a few weeks ago. I saw her rug on Etsy and included it in a treasury, since then she has included my clocks in nearly a dozen treasuries (you are awesome!). I've gotten to know her for the gem of a person and artist that she is and I'm thrilled that she has started a 'real' blog. Her other blog is written in Lithuanian and used more as a gallery for her works so I'm thrilled to see she has started one that is going to be more personal and written in english!

When I read the post she wrote about me and my clocks I was stunned, honestly, I don't think I've ever read anything so heartwarming about my art. Through her description of my work I feel more connected to it and have a different appreciation for what I've done. I've always told people that my art 'doesn't mean anything', meaning I just make it and don't foist some meaning into it. After reading what she wrote about the clocks I realize there IS a meaning to them and one that truly is from the materials and not the creator of the art. I love how another persons perspective can connect the artist with their own work!

Welcome Vilte! Go check her out and say hi!


Vilte said...

Paula, thanks for droping a line about my blog here :) And..I love that you saw something new in your own art and got this stronger connection.. You know, even if you don't think about meaning or don't feel it yet when you make your art, I believe it is still there. It's like something out there in your subconsciousness, just waiting behind the door of your consciousness. And the meaning is not only material, but in the final piece of art. As you give those items new life and meaning in your creation..

self taught artist said...

your welcome! thanks for writing about my work! hope some people come by and say hi...looking forward to you blogging :)

Kim Hambric said...

Throughout her post, I kept saying "yes, yes, yes". She puts it perfectly. I tried to tell her that and comment on how stunning her work was, but after two failed attempts, I gave up.

I'm having another one of those completely ineffectual days.

Angela Recada said...

Awesome! I just signed up to follow her blog, too. I love blogs from other parts of the world. Reading their words is almost (almost. . .) as good as traveling.