its EAST HAMPTON that has the art walk on saturdays NOT friday ( I got the place and day wrong) . Why I thought it was Northampton is beyond me. Trader Joes is in hadley just outside of northampton, again, I thought it was in northampton.

looking at my blog stats I see someone visited my site and spent less than 3 minutes on it but managed to look at a whopping FIFTY FOUR PAGES. How do you do that?

and lastly, when an artist posts a picture of art and no one comments, does the artist assume everyone thinks it stinks? (see below clock: center of time) I guess tod is the only one who likes it....good thing he has to buy it in six months.


Angela Recada said...

I don't trust my blog stats either. That's why I don't count visitors or look atthe details very often anymore. It can drive you nuts trying to figure out what really happened and what people were thinking.

I don't think a post without a comment means much, really. Sometimes it's just not easy to think of something meaningful to say in response to a post. I know wha you mean, though, I second-guess everything I post and worry about if I'm getting my message across. Not everyone gets me, either, but that's OK. :0)

Kim Hambric said...

Paula, I think that is a great clock. I should have said so the other day.

If I stressed (which I do) about not getting comments on each post, I would have slit my wrists by now (uh oh).

self taught artist said...

thank you...are we getting tired of how insecure and needy i am? i am.
i can barely keep up with my blog and others let alone life...yet i seem to need feedback and interaction since i dont get much in real life. pathetic. but you guys are it (not that i'm complaining, i love you all cough cough cough)

Karen said...

I wrote a nice comment about your clock the other day and when I went to post it blogger said it was too busy...Blogger busy??WTF. So I intended to do it again after work and well, I got lazy and fell asleep on the couch. I like your clock. I wondered what the black was made of too. Is it metal? And, most importantly, I think it is important to always post a comment on a new work!!Feedback is a GOOD thing!! So that said, I will try ever so hard to be less lazy!!
from one needy artist to another!

deb said...

we are all needy, my heavens all I've done is whine for at least a month, the plus side to that is I finally got so insufferable to live with that my hubby finished wiring my studio, so your turn now, and I will send you love instead of the other way around!