Corruption #84/100

This is #84. I realize it isn't pretty. It is what it is. I had to make it. I found that center clock piece in an old dairy dump last year, it's perfect as everything else is also appropriate for the dump.

I was talking to an artist friend the other day, I was babbling about not feeling like an artist lately since I'm not making much or don't have that momentum that I had a year ago with galleries and getting myself out there. She said even when she isn't making art she knows she is attracted to beauty and sees things and responds in ways that others might not. I said I'm not attracted to beauty. I wondered why I was attracted to UGLY. Without hesitating she said she recently read my artist statement and immediately thought that I was recycling myself. That that is what I have been doing since I left Arizona and that is why I am attracted to 'junk'. She said I was destroyed and am now recycling myself each time I collect stuff and work it into art. That felt about right. Maybe I am recycling myself, I always thought I was garbage, maybe one day I will think I am a piece of art.


sarala said...

I'm at work and someone is waiting but I love this clock and your insight about recycling.

Karen said...

Recyling yourself...I like the idea of that! This clock is full of energy. Love the rusty thingagig it is on and the once delicate but past its prine clock face. Very cool!

Ellen said...

I like this clock and don't think it's ugly. I like the insight too, but I have to say the idea of art being about beauty is one that frustrates me. To many it is, but if that's all it was, art would soon tire of it's decorative purpose. I see your pieces as finding beauty in the natural process of decay and not a romanticism in conventional beauty which makes it more interesting than art that's pretty for the sake of pretty.

self taught artist said...

i'm glad you guys like this, i do too, even though its dark and not easy to see everything....its a tough little male/female piece. i know what you mean ellen about art and beauty.....and karen, i'm sure most mechanical people would know what that cylinder is, lucky for me i dont care what any of it is i can save my brain for more important things. ;)

Kim Hambric said...

Paula, when you begin using feces in your work, then I'll say it is ugly. Just because it isn't a lavender flower doesn't make it ugly.

Sounds like your artist friend is worth listening too.

Angela Recada said...

Hey Paula! I read your post yesterday and have been thinking about how to comment since then. I really like this clock - I like the way you juxtapose colors, textures, and rusty/shiny spaces in all your pieces. I finally took a look at your art website and am toally blown away by your talent and creativity. You are truly a gifted artist.

You have the gift of seeing the potential for art in the most mundane objects. I read somewhere again recently that true art doesn't need to be "beautiful" in the traditional sense. It's much more powerful when it makes you stop and think and look beyond the surface. That's what your art does.

Both you and your art remind me of a phoenix rising from the ashes (or rubble or whatever the phoenix rises from). Something beautiful and powerful and unique being created from something "ordinary".

Who wants to be ordinary? Not me!

(By the way, thanks for all the kind comments you've been leaving on my blog. I really appreciate them!)

self taught artist said...

luckily for you kim crap decomposes :)
angela...thanks for actually looking at my website/work. i appreciate you taking the time. i like the phoenix rising from the rubble analogy...i like that you see something powerful and unique being created from something 'ordinary'.
thanks too for YOUR comments :)

Lynda Lehmann said...

That may be the case, that you are re-inventing yourself, or that you feel rejuvenated giving objects a new life and identity.

It's my opinion, though, that our definitions of beauty and ugliness are far too narrow. And, there can be great beauty in what we would normally consider "ugly," if we look at it closely or in a new context!

Vilte said...

this clock is amazing! I just opened my blog to post a message and I saw this picture on my list of subscribed blogs and I just had to click it! I am still sitting with my mouth opened.. it's that form that seams to be frozen in motion and that center piece..it's really stunning and powerful in its energy

self taught artist said...

yes lynda i agree about our definitions..what i call ugly i know is beautiful and it is a reinvention!

vilte...I love that you love my clocks so much, thank you.
YOU have made a killer piece yourself, i'm STUNNED by it. the two almost go together :)