Center of Time 82/100

I'll be honest with you, this isn't one of my favorites. I like it but I'm not in love with it. Why did I make it? Because when I showed it to Tod he loved it. I kept wanting to use another bauble on the RR Plate but he really insisted on this being made. So I went for it with the stipulation being, if no one buys it in six months he will buy it.

I do like the fact that I found this at the end of the road in a melting snow bank. That black round thing was jutting out of the snow with the other side showing, the orange caught my eye and I picked it up, delighted at the perfect thick roundness with the strange center. No clue what it is. It is heavy and rather thick. All I can think is some snow plow guy lost something from his rig? Anyhow. It's made. It's here. It's the Center of Time.

*you know what, I just realized the reason this doesn't grab me so much is because it is kind of repetitious of what I have done in the past. I think after making so many clocks I've come to expect them to continue to change and get better each time. Which is good to strive for, but different doesn't always mean better does it. Maybe this just felt like I was going back instead of forward when in reality it just IS.

**oh and i deleted twitter. still dont get it...like it or understand whats so interesting about what everyone is doing throughout the day, let alone thinking anyone on earth cares what i'm doing.


Angela Recada said...

Hey Paula! I do like this clock - a lot! You have such a way with found objects. And you find the most interesting things on your walks.

I wish I could afford to buy all the beautiful pieces of art I'm drawn to - but it's taking me forever just to get together the materials I need to create some of my own stuff.

If no one else buys this piece, Tod is going to be really lucky to have such a beautiful, artistic timepiece.

Ellen said...

I love all your clocks! Think you should go relish a in moment of pride and go look at all 82!(plus)of your clocks on your website and say, "hey, I'm pretty awesome, I made more than 82! pretty #$@%* awesome clocks!"

Glad you left twitter, it frightens me all the pointless banter filling cyberspace. I will hold out until I am the last person left not twittering and no one will talk me because I'm not "tweeting" or "twitting" or "tooting" or whatever (I think the world may come to that).

self taught artist said...

angela thanks for the thoughts...i look forward to seeing what you get going!

ellen. i love it when you splash aftershave on your hands and slap my face. i'm awake now. holy crap look at all those damn clocks!

and yes, twitter...i almost could see liking it if i was 16 and had a lot of friends...its kind of like publicly IM'ng. it is a lot of pointless banter, i will stick to emails and blogs i need MEAT.

deb said...

clock is fab, shame I just spent every spare dime on insulation or I would beat Todd to it, I like this one, it is weighty, but it almost looks like something is flying in the centre there, keep right on making them, at least until I can afford one!!

self taught artist said...

i'm sure there will be some left by the time you feel ready to buy one :)
thanks for popping by i know you got lots going on!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I like this clock as well. Earthy in a way. I like the shapes.

self taught artist said...

thanks leslie!