possible sale and a stroll on the bike path

I got a call from the gallery today, someone is interested in this piece: Exoplanet, except they want to hang it whereby it will be visible from two rooms (back and front) so I needed to go there and look at the back and see if I think I could attach a duplicate photograph to the backside and they need to take it home and see if it fits the area they have in mind. I've always wanted to make some art that would be viewed from both sides so it will cool to do....I just wish I could start fresh but these are the only scrap pieces I have like this. There is also the fear about my photograph printer guy not being around anymore. I haven't heard from him, my emails have gone unanswered the last few months. Part of why I've not been feeling very art inclined, I'm at a loss what I would do without him. I've said before the two places nearby I've tried didn't work out for me. I've just tried to avoid it all and so far that has worked just fine for me, yeah right...hence no art. I have to say I'm more motivated hearing from the gallery owner that my Mixed Media Photography always gets a lot of attention. In a large gallery filled entirely with painting and sculpture I think that is pretty cool. It sparked some life back into me being able to talk art with someone who spent a moment with me in his office talking about my 'career' or lack thereof.

Thought I would take a walk today on the bike path, long as I was out and so was the sun. Getting in the habit of bringing my little shit camera just to take pictures and stay in the habit. I like this little corn maze area, I like how it already looks like as far as it's concerned, nice weather and corn growing is a coming. You can see Mt. Mansfield in the distance and the ski slopes. Pretty stunning anytime of year.


Nellie's Needles said...

That is a stunning piece and it what an impact it will have hanging in an open space ... double the viewing pleasure.

You go, girl!

TSL said...

Yea! Congrats! You will get it figured out!

sarala said...

I missed this photo. I totally love it. It has such a sense of irony.
It deserves to be turned into something!