phone photos

The Whale Tails are literally a stones throw from the Interstate en route to Burlington from Stowe on I89. There is an Industrial Park whereby you can park and dog walk or just walk yourself which I did on Sunday. It was a windy bright blighty day and all I had on me was my cell phone. I took these without having any view of the LED on my phone and was pleased at how they came out. They look so painterly and surreal. I personally have never cared for them as I zoom by, but standing there next to them, looking up at their mighty tails I had more feeling for them than ever before. They seemed out of place and lonely to me after having stood right next to them.

I walked around for awhile and then walked on the sidewalks around the Industrial Circle to see if I could find any auto scrap. I saw a sewer type lid thing on the sidewalk and decided to shoot it. This is a close up of it, which again on a cell phone is always a little eerie and distorted. I wish I could have just dug that out of the sidewalk and stuck it on my wall, insta-art!


sarala said...

Great photos. As always it isn't the camera that counts; it is the photographer.

Ellen said...

I like the beauty and simplicity of these photos, but you do understand why looking at the whale one makes me a little nauseous at the moment. (no offence of course)

self taught artist said...

oh god..i forgot! hahahaha poor ellen!