oh yea, the snow is melting, to me, now that i'm an east coaster, what i personally look forward to in the spring is the scrappy stuff that will be in abundance once the snow is gone. today i went on the smallest of walks and found a bunch of plastic and rubber from a car accident earlier this winter. finally i can start walking with my baggies and fill em up with goodies. flowers? squawking birds? bugs? mud? you can have em, i'll take the roadside garbage.


Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Melting snow - yeah!!!!!

Kim Hambric said...

Paula, Hope you find some good stuff under that snow.

Our snow has finally melted. All I've found so far is old dog poop.

sarala said...

I have noticed the abundance of stuff peeking out after the snow melted too. I keep wondering if you would make clocks out of hubcaps. With Chicago area potholes you seem to see a lost hubcap on every block. Of course, you'd risk your life stopping to pick them up!
This week we are literally flooding we've had so much rain. At least it's warmer.

self taught artist said...

yeah we are flooding too, it's now sink or swim through slush and mud!