dreary trauma

I had to go to burlington today, need more puzzle pieces for my extraordinarily hoggish piece. On my way I meandered. In south b-town there is an art installation that has been there for a few years, it is a stack of filing cabinets. I was in my car so it aint the best photo. Gots to give you guys something to look at since I'm not making art for show. How long can an art blog last without art being posted?

I actually went to walmart today. I hate myself for going there. But I needed masking tape and so far my looking around has left me empty handed. I still didn't buy any, they charged too much. I knew I should have just ordered some online. Anyhow, when I parked I saw this on the ground just under another vehicle. It was the most bleary dreary ugly day outside, seeing this in the parking lot cheered me up and made me less self loathsome for having stopped in there. I tell you what, I aint missing NOTHING by being out there. Its just busy and gray, I blink in disbelief at all the ugly houses all crammed together and wonder how people live where they do. What am I going to do to get going on finding a way to live in my own specialized un house looking house away from the masses? I doubt I would ever make art again if I had to live in those hell holes. Seriously. How would you like to look at this house everyday, it isn't a hell hole but the color is enough to gag a sow. Ya I know....who am I to judge. My judges have judges. Stop judging Paula. Stop it!


Angela Recada said...

I know exactly what you mean. I live in what must be one of the ugliest, unfriendliest places in Wisconsin and it is so hard to get to that place inside me where I can create more than just the meals I need to make every day. The ugly outside won't go away, and I'm not gonna be able to move anytime soon, so I decided (after too many years of being miserable) that my happy place has to come from me, not my surroundings. I haven't had this attitude for too long, so so-far-so-good. I can't guarantee anything.

I hope you get your un-house looking house away from the masses, and I hope it's all you want it to be. It sounds wonderful.

sarala said...

I lived near a house that was painted pumpkin orange. My husband thought the owner did it on purpose just to piss of the neighbors. The area was being rapidly gentrified. We had two hoarders living on the block. You could tell by the old cars filled to the roof with junk paper and the home windows likewise piled high to the ceilings. You and I like junk. They lived junk. Probably could have salvaged some great art out of there. My grandfather was a bit of a hoarder. Hey that'll make a good post!

Nellie's Needles said...

It took quite a bit of enlarging to see that funky totem of filing cabinets. How does it stay standing?

That house looks as though homesick Green Bay Packer fans live in Vermont.

As for living in an ugly house, there's always the escape inward to the core of our creativity.

self taught artist said...

good question nellie, i never even thought about that.
i always thought of creativity as coming out through me not me going into it...i'll have to ponder that.
sarala, yea i have to think people like those colors, it would be diabolical otherwise. no, hubcaps into clocks...i agree something should be made from them that is different! now go post about junk:)
angela, yeah happiness comes from within and that is the biggest trick to pull in life! heres to another ugly sleety flood warning mudddy day!

Kim Hambric said...

I live in one of three small neighborhoods that surrounds the Penn State Campus. After you get away from these neighborhoods of fairly attractive houses, you end up in a 3-mile wide belt of beige vinyl. I'm astounded that people would pay the money they do to purchase these houses. They have a choice, and they choose cheap (yet not inexpensive) beige vinyl! Then they go shop at walmart.

So, this here green and yellow abode . . . well, they've been sold some bad windows. And I think this spring they should purchase a large shrubbery, but I've seen FAR worse. Perhaps someone could donate some window boxes. What is on the other side of the road? Is their view better than their neighbor's?

I'm guessing whoever lives inside might have a vein of creativity. Perhaps they paint. Maybe a sculptor lives there. Or someone who does teddy bear cross-stitch on plastic canvas. Perhaps their inner core screams green and yellow and they are they happiest darn people in the country. They donate all their money to help children in Darfur. They nurse abandoned monkeys back to health. Thre are two young boys in there and their mother's bones are in the basement. Who knows?

Got my juices flowing! Makes me want to go and design the country's ugliest home.

What does your inner home look like?

self taught artist said...

VINYL? really? i can't even imagine.
that makes this house look like a kingdom. i dont htink this is a bad house, i was just struck by the radioactive color amongst all the others. i like your wonderings about the occupants. more likely than not it is a rental for students as the university is blocks away. most of those homes are all apartments.
my inner home is almost emtpy and i'm still looking for how to furnish it.

Tod said...

Uhhhhh . .. I kind of like it . . .

TSL said...

Certainly would be easy to give directions to your home, "It is yellow with green trim, can't miss it." A lot easier for someone finding it than, "From the stop sign it is the 52nd beige house on the left."