Artist Steve Javiel

Steve Javiel is a new follower to my blog, I checked his website out and got excited by some of his mixed media pieces. I have his permission to post these photos so I could share with you guys. It's hard for me to say what it is about them that pop out at me, I'm not one to critique art, I just know what I like.

The tones are subtle and mysterious, in the first piece 'Vertibral' I am resonating with all my years as a massage therapist and connecting with the spine in a different way. So many people, myself included, use screen type materials in their work and I find myself tiring of it but here it makes so much sense and feels so right. The spine itself, I just want to pull on each handle(?) or at least slide my index finger in there and clasp the front with my thumb and just HOLD on. Few mixed media pieces make me want to interact with them physically and this one does just that.

This next piece, 'No Trespassing', again, uses screen and grid which makes so much sense and locks the piece down. You feel like you will be put into jail if you trespass. That large grid is nasty looking in a good way. And that handle on the right gives this piece a suitcase feel, I want to grab it and run away. It's messy and busy in a perfect way. There is balance and just enough. I feel like these are perfection. I want to see more. I want to know more. That's what these pieces do. They make me jealous. There aren't any photographs in them like how I use. It's collage that I can stomach. Words usually distract me but these make sense and feel like they have purpose and power. It's not a perfect square either. There is overlap. These two pieces are like their own found art objects. They feel natural, like they have already existed and weren't man-made.

I look at them often. They inspire me. He has some other works on his site that I feel intrigued by, like this guy is onto something different and its refreshing! These works are on one page near the bottom (I couldn't find an individual post for them) so go check them out and get inspired. Thank you Steve for letting me post your work, it is incredible!


Margaret Ryall said...

For the lady who doesn't critique that was a pretty awesome response.

This is the kind of work that makes me "pant". Its physicality grabs me as soon as I look at it. I want to physically engage with it, to touch it and turn it. I appreciate the very obvious evidence of construction. It isn't polished, it's raw and responsive.

As for the use of grids.... I'm attracted to grids because they give a sense of order and structure. I particularly like to see them used when there is other evidence of disorder in a piece. As you so eloquently expressed, the grid in the second piece is very ominous and serves to give the feeling of being kept out.

I can see why you are attracted to this work Paula. Thanks for the introduction to this artist. I love work that is visually compelling and tactile.

self taught artist said...

i like your addition of in-put too! i like the thought of you panting over it, thats such a great compliment isn't it?

Steve Javiel said...

First of all Thank you for posting me on your blog.

Those two pieces where influence by Robert Rauschenberg & jasper johns. I find their work fascinating and inspiring. Those pieces were made using found objects that I found outside and at a junk yard. Its amazing what one can do with found objects.

self taught artist said...

yeah i see the influence but it still feels fresh to me, not like you've done something thats already been done blah blah blah. it IS amazing what you can do with FO's.

Seth said...

Great introduction. Thanks for the link.