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in my head in my head

Yesterday I watched a doc. called, The Planet. I know I shouldn't watch this stuff because invariably I get totally funked out and want to not be a part of humanity. I get overwhelmed and frustrated, annoyed at people who have kids, buy things, basically anyone who lives. (that includes myself)....and that I know is not healthy.

Why blog about it. How does this have anything to do with art? In my little head it has everything to do with art because I am choosing to try to live as an artist instead of a massage therapist. Instead of a taxi driver. Instead of the office worker or cog in the big rusty wheel of life that is seemingly spinning out of control into an inevitable doomed disaster. As I sit and glue my puzzle thing, one piece after another, day in and day out, listening to music and eying the outdoors my mind wanders. It wonders outside of the now. The now is usually filled with okay. Outside of the now is usually worry, fear, anger and no sense of peace.

So I'…

Fiber Artist Kim Habric

I wanted to write about a fellow artist, blogger friend who has recently finished a body of work called 'New Orleans Series'. I've been enjoying Kim's blog for well over a year now, she never fails to make me laugh with her dry humor and keen wit. Kim is seemingly always challenging herself to push further than she is sometimes comfortable with, this last series is proof what can come about when you follow your passion. She has had New Orleans on her mind, from listening to music, reading, and in yanking that little google guy around and visiting god knows where on google maps.... from that obsession a whole collection has grown!

I am curious to see what she is able to do next with this series. Part of what intrigues me about Kim is her frustrations with getting the art out there, finding the right place for both her and her work. It hasn't been easy and I'm not sure she is any closer to really knowing how she wants it all to play out, but I hope with this …

Felter Vilte Kazlauskaite

The best thing about doing that ETSY treasury a few days ago besides showcasing friends & new found works, was getting a comment from someone who does this work! We've had a few emails since and I asked Vilte if I could share this piece & write about her on my blog. I can't stop looking at this rug, it is a landscape of beautiful terrain, I disappear every time I look into it.

I'm most impressed by her website, the way she showcases her work is art in and of itself. Vilte Kazlauskaite, is a felter from Lithuania, on her profile she says:

I started my journey into magical world of felt about 3 years ago (I was a psychologist, dance therapist before). Felting became an important part of my life, I got so much into it that I have also published a book "Veltinis" ("Felt") about felting technique in Lithuania (it is the first book in Lithuania covering this textile art).

Her works are represented in galleries and boutiques in Lithuania. I'm int…

phone photos

The Whale Tails are literally a stones throw from the Interstate en route to Burlington from Stowe on I89. There is an Industrial Park whereby you can park and dog walk or just walk yourself which I did on Sunday. It was a windy bright blighty day and all I had on me was my cell phone. I took these without having any view of the LED on my phone and was pleased at how they came out. They look so painterly and surreal. I personally have never cared for them as I zoom by, but standing there next to them, looking up at their mighty tails I had more feeling for them than ever before. They seemed out of place and lonely to me after having stood right next to them.

I walked around for awhile and then walked on the sidewalks around the Industrial Circle to see if I could find any auto scrap. I saw a sewer type lid thing on the sidewalk and decided to shoot it. This is a close up of it, which again on a cell phone is always a little eerie and distorted. I wish I could have just dug that…

i've been seeing whipped cream things

Stowe woman accused in whipped cream heists

The last few times Tod and I have gone walking on the roads in Stowe for found objects, we have seen a lot of whipped cream tops (just last night on a very short walk we saw empty containers too all over the side of the road). Included in the druggish trash are tons of small propellant cartridges (tod thinks nitrous oxide is in them for people to get high) scattered all over like little silver science capsules. It's disturbing to think people are just sitting around in their cars in Stowe fumigating their brains. So this morning I look online at the Stowe Reporter and see this article. I had to laugh, it all makes sense now. (the link doesn't work anymore oh well)

It's kind of a relief to know wtf, I was beginning to wonder what was up! If you dont read the article, know this, the police followed a trail of them to her motel. She has stolen a few hundred dollars worth within days, littering the roads or leaving them in the st…

presentation and thoughts

I take bad pictures for my blog posts. I know this. Compare Sarala's found object post to mine below and you would think I found dog poop and she diamonds. Why do I do this? Because everything is laid out in the basement, the dingy dark lit by buzzing fluorescent lights basement. And the house owners are here so I can't wash things, can't lay them out. I'm too impatient most times even when no one is around. If I don't do it when I think about it then I will have moved on.

So now I'm thinking about web and etsy presence. I'm thinking how I think I do alright when it comes to documenting my work for my web and Etsy site but I know there is much better to be had were I patient, were I able to find any normal lighting in our basement dwelling. But I have to say I can live with it and ironically, if given the chance (meaning when people buy from me online) so far everyone says my work looks even better in person once they get it. That could mean, proba…

a little of this a little of that

A few days ago Tod and I went out with our baggies and roamed the roadside. Found some fun things, even a working pedometer! It's still exciting and fresh to go out there looking and finding what I deem to be 'treasures' laying in waiting. Got some metal, plastic, thick black car rubber (my favorite lately) and misc. stuff, not bad for a mile round trip on a beautiful crisp day. Once it gets a little warmer and hopefully a little cloudier I hope to take some pictures. I forgot all about my idea to make some mini mixed media pieces. I wonder if THEN I can sell a mixed media piece online. (so far they sell in galleries just fine) The clocks seems to do good but it's still driving me nuts I can't figure out how to sell a mixed media piece myself. Maybe that will be the next thing I try to get on ETSY. I've been spending alot of time there looking at a plethora of work. Did you know Rosie O'Donnell has stuff on there? She donates it all to a program s…

Etsy Treasury

I made my first treasury on etsy today. (only took three + hours good grief). I felt pressured to make a name as I didn't know if some unseen time limit was upon me. The treasury thing is a little complicated at first since you can't even make one until there are only 333 lists; anything over that (every time I've looked its well over 500) and the option to make one is non-existent. I found myself going there obsessively looking to see how close the listings were to 333 and almost gave up. Low and behold this morning my first hit and it was at 333, the magic opening appeared and I went in.

Anyhow, the name might sound stupid 'Natural Beauty', but I was trying to get into that 'etsy zone' of all that is female and true to myself at the same time. Half of you are my friends and the others I just randomly picked. Hope it spreads your work out there!

oh yeah

I'm happy to say I just sold this clock online to a repeat buyer from last year! I post the solds here because I think it's good to share with people when something sells, especially when it appears no one has any money to spend on superfluous things. It's cool too because the person found my website via another website that I had no idea about that was out there in the world and had a photo of one of my clocks and a link. I was sure to thank them and let them know about the sale. The internet works in strange ways.

This piece 'Sculpted in Time' is on it's way to San Fransisco to a clothing designer. It's a gift and I feel so honored to have had someone buy it for another artist! It gives me a boost to be sure and maybe that basement wont look so harsh if I can just remember I wont have to work there forever, one of these days I will find a way to have a studio that feels great to be in. I figure if I've made art under these conditions I can only…


i'm gonna be loopy the next few weeks. i already am. the people [who own this house] are here which means my whole sleep gets off and radically diminished. sleep is something i've learned to covet. when i was little my mom told me that she dreaded waking me to bottle feed me as i was a GROUCH even as a baby.

as a child i was hard to rouse. as a teenager forget about it. the phone could ring next to my head and the alarm going off and i wouldn't hear it. then sleep deprivation started. i started working insane hours, late at night or early in the morning. sprinkle in a good dose of drunk and suddenly i was sleeping during the day a few hours and not much more, unless being passed out counts as REM. as an adult double it. no triple it.

so now. here i am, no real job (taxi driving is usually saturday night these days IF), no reason to get up YET (the gardener will be coming in another month and waking me with her voice and loud car radio and cigarette stench at 6am)…

Artist Steve Javiel

Steve Javiel is a new follower to my blog, I checked his website out and got excited by some of his mixed media pieces. I have his permission to post these photos so I could share with you guys. It's hard for me to say what it is about them that pop out at me, I'm not one to critique art, I just know what I like.

The tones are subtle and mysterious, in the first piece 'Vertibral' I am resonating with all my years as a massage therapist and connecting with the spine in a different way. So many people, myself included, use screen type materials in their work and I find myself tiring of it but here it makes so much sense and feels so right. The spine itself, I just want to pull on each handle(?) or at least slide my index finger in there and clasp the front with my thumb and just HOLD on. Few mixed media pieces make me want to interact with them physically and this one does just that.

This next piece, 'No Trespassing', again, uses screen and grid which makes so …

possible sale and a stroll on the bike path

I got a call from the gallery today, someone is interested in this piece: Exoplanet, except they want to hang it whereby it will be visible from two rooms (back and front) so I needed to go there and look at the back and see if I think I could attach a duplicate photograph to the backside and they need to take it home and see if it fits the area they have in mind. I've always wanted to make some art that would be viewed from both sides so it will cool to do....I just wish I could start fresh but these are the only scrap pieces I have like this. There is also the fear about my photograph printer guy not being around anymore. I haven't heard from him, my emails have gone unanswered the last few months. Part of why I've not been feeling very art inclined, I'm at a loss what I would do without him. I've said before the two places nearby I've tried didn't work out for me. I've just tried to avoid it all and so far that has worked just fine for me, yeah…

found and in waiting

Mystery scrap I gotta go back for. I walked down to stowe today and was busy picking up found gloves, plastic, etc. when I saw this on the side of the road. At first, as you might imagine, I believed this was some mutant railroad plate. I didn't touch it, (had my nice REI gloves on) and knew it was too heavy to cart around. I will be back to nab it. Tod thinks it's part of a plow part. Anybody?

frugal artist

This one is for Ellen. Okay its a little gross maybe, but I've been meaning to take a picture of my soap for the last few months. I think it was last fall I wrote a post about being minimal in my life and how I've used the same bar of soap for almost a year. (which by now is over a year) Gross? I don't think so. How do you make a bar of soap last that long if you bathe every day? duh, you don't put the soap in the water. You pick it up and dip it or your hands and keep it from dissolving by keeping it mostly dry. We use well water here, water is in abundance, I take a bath nearly every night and that bar of soap gets used. For what its worth, it takes me about a year to use a large bottle of shampoo and I wash my (long) hair every 4 days. A little dab will do ya just fine.

I think of how long I've managed to keep a bar of soap every time I look at it. I feel good about it. And there is a feeling of this is how I like living, how I like using things up and…


Just finished an interesting memoir by Mary Gordon, throughout the book she refers to Pierre Bonnard'slife and work and the kicker was the end page, Mary says that Bonnard spoke about the artist's granting human value to objects, he spoke of distance; he spoke of vanishing. I have never heard that and it woke me up...Artist's Granting Human Value to Objects. TATTOO THAT ONTO YOUR HEAD PAULA.

a quote from him:

"Speaking when you have something to say is like looking. But who looks? It is because people have no idea how to look that they hardly ever understand."

At the end of his life, Bonnard said, "I am only now beginning to understand. I should start all over."

This was a strange, and at times hard to digest book, I can't say I've ever read anything quite like it.

dreary trauma

I had to go to burlington today, need more puzzle pieces for my extraordinarily hoggish piece. On my way I meandered. In south b-town there is an art installation that has been there for a few years, it is a stack of filing cabinets. I was in my car so it aint the best photo. Gots to give you guys something to look at since I'm not making art for show. How long can an art blog last without art being posted?

I actually went towalmart today. I hate myself for going there. But I needed masking tape and so far my looking around has left me empty handed. I still didn't buy any, they charged too much. I knew I should have just ordered some online. Anyhow, when I parked I saw this on the ground just under another vehicle. It was the most bleary dreary ugly day outside, seeing this in the parking lot cheered me up and made me less self loathsome for having stopped in there. I tell you what, I aint missing NOTHING by being out there. Its just busy and gray, I blink in dis…


oh yea, the snow is melting, to me, now that i'm an east coaster, what i personally look forward to in the spring is the scrappy stuff that will be in abundance once the snow is gone. today i went on the smallest of walks and found a bunch of plastic and rubber from a car accident earlier this winter. finally i can start walking with my baggies and fill em up with goodies. flowers? squawking birds? bugs? mud? you can have em, i'll take the roadside garbage.

first kiva art sale!

I woke up to a sale on ETSY! Thank you to the first person who is taking me up on my Art for Kiva Loans! You can see my Kiva page here. It feels extra exciting to sell some art when I know that a chunk of the sale is going first towards helping someone else who is trying to make their own life better.

I thought it appropriate and fitting to post a photo of a postcard I got in the mail yesterday from my dear friend Shara who I met via the blogstreams over two years ago, is that possible it was that long ago???? I've watched her blog change over time and morph more into a place to express her artistic side. Occasionally I've gotten personalized art in the mail from her and it makes my day. (she gave permission for me to post the photo).

It was because of her that I did the NANO writing thing last November. Sometimes you meet people online that you would think you have nothing in common with and then everything changes and you realize you have found a kindred spirit who gets yo…

exerpt part II of 'The Art of Finding Me' memoir

Click here to read Part I of my memoir I wrote last November. These posts are the final pages of the memoir, I decided to post them as I feel they are relevant to who I am and where I am at and also to remind myself of the journey since the last month has felt so stagnant and icky.

Making art slows me down in a good way. I have always been one to rush through everything. I still have to watch myself sometimes, to remember to slow down and let things happen naturally and not push it.Look, I'm not doing anything earth shattering and I'm certainly not the most amazing artist out there, but I know the process IS amazing, the outcome not always so, but the process always.For the first time in my life I can do something and more often than not, not worry.Not judge.Get lost in the moment and just enjoy the ride.In the beginning I had to finish the piece the moment I knew what I was going to do.I had to figure it all out in one chunk of time.I had to put it together as fast as I could…

submit your link/art for kiva

If anyone else decides to set aside some art specifically to sell and use part or all of the money towards a loan on KIVA, let me know and I will post you on my sidebar along with myself and Ellen. See post below for info. Provide a link so I know what to link to. I just made up how I was doing it, it is a little different than Ellen, be creative and lets see if we can generate some flow in the universe not only for art sales but to help others elsewhere who are trying to help themselves!

My kiva page is here.

borrowing brilliance

Ellen posted a brilliant idea, selling art and sending the money directly to Kiva via gift certificates. Kiva is a site that has been set up to give loans to people in other countries, specifically entrepreneurs or communities who are trying to start or keep businesses afloat. I know of people who have done this and they do get their money back faster than you'd believe. I'd like to extend a similar offer on a few pieces of art that I too feel the need to get out there to the universe. YOU pick the person you want to loan the money to and let me know who it is via email link, after your purchase is completed through me I will send the money to whomever you choose, once that transaction has been completed I will email you proof of the loan information. You will be benefiting both the artist and someone who is also needy in another country as they will get the $$ first and when they pay it back, I will have been helped as well.

I'd like to start with these clocks of whic…