not art, just life

I'm not one to post pictures of 'my day' but I am trying to shake something up in me so I thought as I said a post or two down, I would take my camera and take some pictures of my world when I do venture out. I realize I'm not really a good action photographer, not someone who is terribly motivated to take anything other than close up pictures of abstract designs on objects and buildings. Well never say never and sometimes when you have no art to post you have to make do with whatchoogot. I notice these things...the way I feel like an alien in the bank drive-thru as I'm forced to stare at a graveyard during my wait. Thinking what a waste of land, how obsessed people are with preserving everything. The toxic diesel mitt sign that I'm always attracted to when I see it and the completely hallucinogenic feel of being in the car wash while having the taxi cab washed.

I realize how uncomfortable I am taking pictures when most of the roads are two laned and clogged with snow. Hard to just stop and get out and shoot something. It feels challenging too to point a camera at a persons' home or face, I feel like I am violating someones privacy. Like I don't have a right to take a picture of something that isn't mine. I've often wondered how real photographers do it, how they take pictures of people who are suffering, poor, handicapped or otherwise odd enough to warrant a photo. I rarely even stop to ask if I can take a photo of someones property, especially when it is run down and crazy looking, it feels exploitative.


Margaret said...

I think the first image is priceless given the state of the economy. Having a bank next to a cemetery seems very apt these days. Maybe it's the mood I'm in today, but this made me laugh!

Helena said...

It must be very odd to have abank near a cemetary. God Lord! Like telling you as you go in, "Hey! Don't worry about money and stuff! Look! This is where you end up! Now stop worrying and live!"

I used to think cemetaries were an amzing waste of space till I visited one a few times and sat by the grave of a friend- and was amazed sitting there, by how much wildlife there was around in there! Birds and squirrels and one time, even a fox. I think of them now as little oasis for the birds in the middle of the urban landscape, out of danger of development, unlike our parks and grass verges.

Karen said...

Glad there are cemetaries. Imagine an ugly strip mall there instead... I actually love walking through old cemetaries. Amazing graphics on some stones as well as interesting epitaths. While I have no desire to be anything other then creamated and scattered somewhere when I am dead I do understand peoples need for a place to go where they may feel close to a loved one. Peace is needed where ever one can find it.
I love these photos. Can just see you with the camera in the car wash..LOL.

self taught artist said...

yes i know people love their cemeteries...i used to practically live there when i was a teenager.

Beverly Kaye said...

My Mom and I went to the cemetery to place a small weathered beach stone on my Father's grave site. While we were there, feeling very sad, a UPS truck pulled up. I said "Look Mom, it's not so bad, they deliver!" and we both laughed.
I'm sure there's plenty of humor about the location of that bank!

self taught artist said...

thats funny Beverly.

sarala said...

I love the pics and the irony of the first two. I took a photo in a car wash a few years ago. I felt rather silly but the effect was great.
Regarding the photos. I often don't even get out of the car. I watch for traffic, roll until I get to the right spot and move on. It keeps me from getting shot in the neighborhoods I go to. I try not to be too obvious about taking pictures of homes and avoid shots of people. I too feel I don't have the right to do that without permission.
A few weeks ago someone posted a photo of my house. I thought it was kind of funny. It is kind of picturesque and people have taken photos of it before. My neighborhood is a bit historic.
Keep on shooting, baby!