dairy delight

I was perusing craigslist and saw this:

Disassembling antique barn..
All interior components that ran dairy farm.
Silo made from Ceramic Blocks. Many different uses for the ceramic blocks.
2 sets Hay hooks.
Cow stantion.
Watering bowls.
Cow dividers.
Louden Hay Dryer app. 1940's
Block and Tackle Pulleys

I started SALIVATING. I checked the site out they linked to and saw it was an antique type store/house and worried they might be off the charts expensive. Not even sure they had what I want, but those clocks and hay shelves I made from the watering bowls and hay dryer equipment are to me, precious materials and I want MORE even if I have to buy them. I'm starting to get excited, so far the emails come back saying yes, they are those bowls that I want. Yes, the picture I emailed showing the hay things I have are indeed what he has. He has about FORTY of the cow bowls at a price I can live with, my one concern is they aren't rusty or crusty enough since the ones I got were stuck halfway into the earth and corroded (beautifully so). I'm getting excited thinking I could make more clocks, hell with forty I'd have another limited edition works in the making!

I have been thinking about what I want to make, where my art is going if anywhere, and mostly I come up with wanting more materials, especially farm stuff. I'm sure to some people my ignorance of exactly what things are called or used for is annoying but that's not the point for me. I see an object and like it for it, not what it was or does. It can be interesting to know what it was but I invariably forget it's correct name and how it was used and only see what it could be. I feel like I'm in a dry spell art wise. There is a gestation going on and I just have to respect it and keep busy with whatever I can. It's tempting to focus too much on what my restraints are, lately the basement just feels so nasty and dark, I feel like I'm suffocating in there. I don't know how to change my work and living environment. I already know that driving a cab part time isn't going to change anything. It's best to just stop the thoughts before they fester. To quote an artist friend, 'just get to the next day'.

*irony. I just talked to the guy and its the same place I got the hay warmers just a few months ago! he is a salvage person who has taken over the disassembly of the barn. god I wish I had a warehouse...I would take it all!


sarala said...

I hope you get as many pieces as you can! A new series is a fabulous idea. I just think your clocks were/are so successful!

deb said...

just get to the next day seems like good advice this week... and I hope you find a diamond in the rough to play with!

Ellen said...

It was fated! "There is a gestation going on and I just have to respect it and keep busy with whatever I can." - love this line, so wise my friend.

Margaret Ryall said...

I think it is the time of year for incubation/gestation. At least, that's the reason I'm using for my infrequent visits to the studio. Besides, my grandmother drilled into me that "all things come to those who wait". It's working for you Paula. This is quite a material find which should prompt many new creations. Can't wait for an update.
On another note, I'm re-reading The Shipping News -just for you, so I can better express why the book annoyed me so much. Three people have mentioned this book to me in the last several weeks so it is on my mind. I'm glad it's not just me, only one of my 6 book chat friends liked it. WE all agreed it was extremely well written. More later.

self taught artist said...

reinforcement is always nice, good to talk the talk sometimes even when you dont feel powerful. thanks for cheering me on!
margaret your funny, look forward to reading your dissertation.

Karen said...

I can just feel how much you want to go get those farm things!! SO very exciting! More is a good thing!

Kim Hambric said...

Had you been busy, busy, busy, you might not have been perusing craigslist. I'm crossing my fingers that those items are perfectly crusty. Didn't you know that February is gestation month. It's a short month -- use it wisely and fully.

self taught artist said...

thanks karen and kim, hopefully i will get those bowls at least!
too funny i was just leaving a comment on your blog kim when left yours here. love your new piece!!