window of washing opp

I got a fair amount of pipes that aren't in this picture, as well as hardware. That round thing is actually something I nabbed at the auto mechanics this summer and it's finally getting washed and brought in.
Three hours of freaky. Thats what I had this morning. Yesterday is was zero out in the morning, by nighttime is was 40. This morning I woke up and all the snow was just about gone and it was raining. I kid you not it was FIFTY DEGREES and three hours later it fell twenty! I knew this was my chance to get out there and clean all that stuff I got saturday. I put on rain gear and went for it. Got all but a few of those hay things clean (and then I worry after about all the bird shit on it, will I get some lung disease?) as well as all the extra scrap stuff. The last hour it poured and then turned into ice and snow. The scrap gods gave me a window of time to hustle and I did it. whoo hoo

Today I will probably finish another mixed media piece. I'm doing a good job of being peppy aren't I? I did have a pang as last night I was talking to Tod and said, ' I will never get anywhere making one piece at a time. More art that no one can afford. What am I doing?!" I mean I can't do anything other than I am but sometimes I get this sense of how ridiculous it is to make art when only a few pieces go out to the galleries and the rest just sits here. But you have all heard me blather on about that so whats the point. Don't go there Paula, it will only drive you crazy.


deb said...

we must be under the same weird weather system, it was raining when I went to work, and then snowing when I left at lunchtime... Glad you got a chance to clean up your finds, and looking forward to watching your process as you go to work!!

Kim Hambric said...

What will become of those hay things? Not quite what I had pictured. Somehow my mind had locked on a vision of those silver dome things that go over the dinners of rich diners. Ha Ha. Apparently I do have difficulty envisioning things.

We have some lovely ice today. School is out and two children are running amok in my house today. Creativity has flown out of the window.

self taught artist said...

well i know what i want to do with them but i dont have the tool to do it :(

sarala said...

I love your new scrap! I can't wait to what you make of it.
I was thinking today that since you had such success with your limited edition pencil holders, maybe you should mix your bigger, more expensive work with some more multiples that are less pricey. It might keep the income coming in less sporadically if you had some cheaper stuff. Not to undervalue the other but that will probably always be intermittent in terms of sales.

San said...

That's a great haul of (now) squeaky-clean stuff. Like your window of washing opportunity, I have faith you will always be alert to the opportunities for sales when they come. Just remind yourself: Yes, I do windows (of opportunity.)