more art to stuff in the basement

I assume most artists are happy when they finish a piece. More and more my grumpalumpa 'tude comes out when I make art only because I know it has no place to go. More art. Big deal. No one likes a bitter angry frustrated stupid artist. I don't even like me right now.


Philip said...

Some advice: being angry or frustrated is a choice - you can choose to be or not to be. Also, we should not be so hard on ourselves and like ourselves always. Your art "exists" (like a new birth) - that is the important thing and nothing can take that away or its value.

Margaret Ryall said...

I also get concerned about "stockpiling" art and question what I'm about when I'm in that mood. I wonder constantly why create it if no one is going to see it. The longer we practice art, the more we create and have to store. Often it takes an outsider to shift you out of that attitude as my friend did for me. So I will pass it along... I can offer three points for you to consider: 1) you have saved your materials from a different life and created something beautiful; 2)you have shared your thoughts and beliefs in a very concrete ways; 3)personally you must receive something special from creating art or you wouldn't be doing it. How many of the other things we do in a day can have such lofty ideals supporting them? Work on.

Liz Curtin said...

We make art because we have to. We don't have a choice. It's our calling, as frustrating and difficult as that is sometimes. Ride it out and "this too will pass". You are gifted Paula and with that comes joy as well as sorrow, as in all things in life.

self taught artist said...

GREAT ADVICE, good words. sometimes it is just too much watching the art pile up. when people say they can't afford $150 i look at my art and think what is the point?

self taught artist said...

you know what it isn't even about the money thing right now as much as my own fears and burdens about having come this far and my living situation and money and feeling very boxed in and trapped. i can't seem to go further with my art marketing...with my tools and shop space and i'm going NUTS.

sarala said...

I just revisited your Etsy store/ It is amazing.
I tend to agree with Philip on this one. I understand the frustration with being unable to sell enough art. Then again you never know when the next call for a gallery display will happen. You need to have at least some stockpile.
Then again, I'm grumpy too. December does this to me.

schnoobie said...

Let's trade places!
You would be going to a full time job that is certainly mind-numbing, low paying and is way beneath your skill level or capacity, 6 to 4;30 m-th then come home and machine quilt other peoples quilts on nights and weekends so they can have a finished product.All you would be left with is a photograph of your clients quilt that would serve as a possible example for another potential client which you really don't want to encourage because you want to carve out some time FOR YOUR OWN PROJECTS. You really can't however because you need that extra $ from the quilting to meet the demands of the basic monthly expenses of living.
I guess my point is this:no matter what your situation you can always find one worse or better.I would love to be able to enter something in a show, or list on etsy if I had the time to make it or ....pull it from my vast inventory.I know winter blows... it certainly is the biggest struggle for me every year..
Also promoting yourself to the taxi riders is a great idea....if one can afford to go on vacation..one would be able to afford art.
I can't even call myself an Artist because I havent made any.
So....as Mellencamp once said "suck it up and tough it out and be the best you can"
I think you're well on your way...

self taught artist said...

schnoobie...i couldn't do it. that is part of this ANGST...my back gives out my arms give out, i have stupid panic attacks....blah blah blah.
the little i've been able to drive that taxi last year almost did me in. not sure i want to risk my life again in the snow let alone panic the whole time.
anyhow. we all struggle and life is tough and then you die.
in my eyes you are an artist. i hope you find a way to do it your way. hell pay me i'll put your etsy store up :)

sarala...thanks for visiting my etsy store.
i know, i should make more small things, not sure i like making something for $25 just to make something for $25 but maybe we all have to play the game if we want to play the game.

San said...

Paula, I share your 'tude somewhat. Unsold art--my own and that of other people--begins to haunt me. BUT, it eventually does sell. And then I tell myself, "Why did you have so little hope?"

I gave out a bunch of awards over at my place. Before I got around to the visual artists, I ran out of time (and steam). I don't think you're that into awards anyway, but if you come over and see an award that suits you, please grab it and run with it. My blessings.

Michelle said...

All that being said, it is a beautiful piece!

self taught artist said...

i love it too, THANK YOU!!!!