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Tracy Helgeson recently whipped up a blog for artists and while she might be at her limit of accepting more artists right now, there is already a fantastic list of artists there! I have to say I'm loving checking in and seeing the additions. I posted about it last week but it continues to get updated, check it out: The Fine Art Department.

The other site that I wrote about is also growing, Small Art Showcase. This put together by Jeanne Williamsom, is also a place to showcase artists, specifically those of us who have smaller works be it in size or price, which will point you in the right direction if you are looking to buy art this season at reasonable prices.

And while I'm recommending sites and artists, check out the Made in Vermont Etsy Street Team Blog. This blog is run by Vermont artists and crafts people who belong to the Made In Vermont Etsy Street Team (MIVEST). Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to a number of hand crafted works that are unique and affordable.

I know people still think a few hundred dollars is a lot on art. In the art world, anything under a few thousand is really peanuts. Most people don't realize that if your art goes into a gallery you lose 50% instantly upon a sale. I have vacillated at times when it comes to pricing smaller works as I have to make some profit if they go into a gallery and it really isn't fair [ethical] to have them at one price on my website then take them to a gallery and jack up the price.

If you are interested in my clocks you might be pleased to know I have adjusted the cost of the RR Plate Limited Edition Clocks. As I upload those to ETSY I am setting the prices based on the market and economy. No one has to worry that they overspent on previous purchases and I am still open to offers. I am offering FREE SHIPPING for the RR Clocks on my ETSY site (plus it's all set up to just buy with a click of the mouse) and I'm still having my Mixed Media Sale through the month of December on my website. I can't stress enough that I am willing to work with people on payments and price.

In the next few weeks I hope to get some more works on ETSY that are probably never going on the website as they really don't fit in anywhere. Another blogger/friend inquired about a calligraphy piece that I recently posted here and I'm thrilled to have worked out a sale with her! So keep an eyeball on the ETSY site ~ if you have see a piece you like this is the time to own it!


Liz Curtin said...

Hi Paula,
Thanks for the blog help with spacing text. I'll try that and see if it works. It seems it only happens when the text is next to photos. I might have to change the format to get what I want.

Thanks also for adding my blog to you list. I will add your blog to my list when I create one later.

Your work is wonderful. Love the clocks, especially #73/100! What a great idea. Wish I could afford to buy it.


self taught artist said...

thanks liz, good luck with that blog stuff!

Ellen said...

Congrats with the recent sales! Your Etsy shop looks great. And you said you couldn't be that etsy/online sales person. Pwefff, you're passionate, enthusiastic, articulate and professional about your work, that vibe is coming through and it's wonderful. You go girl!

self taught artist said...

its amazing what i can do when i'd rather not drive a cab isn't it? appreciate your rooting me on and the feedback feels great!

San said...

Looks like you're getting a lot out there, Paula. You sound energized!

deb said...

I am shamed by your energy, going back to the studio to work....

self taught artist said...

deb the funny thing is i feel like i'm doing NOTHING artwise. all thise marketing and online stuff takes entire days and i've not touched 'art'. so shame me back so i can get back to art eh?