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have one

Some of you have noticed I've been absent. I got hit with reality about my lack of job skills since art isn't doing it and I cannot do massage ever again; got hit with a vision of a future that seems to be headed towards meaningless, mindless, low paying drudgery that my mind and body don't want to deal with. With the reality that I still have no clue how or where to find my art market or how to get out of state gallery representation. I decided to just take a break to spare us all from ugly posts. I'm laying low. Trying to decide if I could hack being a tunnel dweller in Brooklyn. Nah I'm too claustrophobic. Avoiding driving the taxi in horrible icy weather and having repetitive torturous verbal exchanges with people I will never see again. See? Aren't you glad I'm not blogging?

I did want to yell out HAPPY NEW YEAR to you guys. so ~ happy new year!

loose screws in the mail

I might have competition with scrap clock making. Yesterday I got a little package in the mail from Nellie, when I opened it up I was surprised at what I saw. She sent me a little quilt/clock/pin. Thank you Nellie! I'm not sure, but I think Nellie is one of the most creative, versatile human beings on the planet. Go spend some time on her blog and look at the scope of work she does and you will shake your head with envy, awe and even laughter! Her work has touched me many times before on many levels. I could go on and on about the depth of what she has to offer, if you are ever feeling stuck or frustrated, feeling like you need to lighten up or expand your tiny brain, go to her blog and see what it means to be an artist who makes art from a heart that knows no limits and an eye that sees past any horizon. I'm just hoping that the 'loose screws' isn't related to how she sees me!

chunks of progress

All I wanted to do was cut this thick wood into the shapes you see. I didn't have the right tool to cut the wood. Compound sliding miter saws, used can cost three to seven hundred dollars. I was stuck. Stymied. Couldn't go on until I found a way. I still want a compound miter saw but for now I'm happy to say I don't have to go further into debt to get the job done.

It doesn't take much to make my day. The gallery owner in Montpelier is also an artist who's medium is wood. I asked him if he could help and he said sure come on by. While it seems pathetic to me that I don't know anyone in my town to help...I'm EVER so thankful I knew one person in this state that could help without making me feel like I owe them for the rest of my life.

Not only that, he cut the wood (since I didn't know how to use the saw and knew I would fuck it up) and showed me how to measure the object that the wood is for (it's slanted and I never took measuring 101). …


I don't know who I am anymore.
You know there is something wrong when you are watching Britney Spears (a mini doc. called 'for the record') and start to think that she is smarter than you are.

more art to stuff in the basement

I assume most artists are happy when they finish a piece. More and more my grumpalumpa 'tude comes out when I make art only because I know it has no place to go. More art. Big deal. No one likes a bitter angry frustrated stupid artist. I don't even like me right now.

window of washing opp

I got a fair amount of pipes that aren't in this picture, as well as hardware. That round thing is actually something I nabbed at the auto mechanics this summer and it's finally getting washed and brought in.
Three hours of freaky. Thats what I had this morning. Yesterday is was zero out in the morning, by nighttime is was 40. This morning I woke up and all the snow was just about gone and it was raining. I kid you not it was FIFTY DEGREES and three hours later it fell twenty! I knew this was my chance to get out there and clean all that stuff I got saturday. I put on rain gear and went for it. Got all but a few of those hay things clean (and then I worry after about all the bird shit on it, will I get some lung disease?) as well as all the extra scrap stuff. The last hour it poured and then turned into ice and snow. The scrap gods gave me a window of time to hustle and I did it. whoohoo

Today I will probably finish another mixed media piece. I'm doing a good job…

some of last saturdays finds

Okay, here are a few pictures of what tod and I got this weekend. That glass thing has to do with the dairy aspect of the farm, god help me I never retain information as I'm usually anxious and/or excited, anyone know what it is feel free to explain it to us all. It was pretty cool that the people specifically brought this to me thinking I would be interested in it. I'm not sure it is something I will use for art as much as decor. Will need to make a stand for it sometime.

Kim, you wanted to see those hay things, those longish things are the vents. In the top of the barn there is a large opening for the hay to be delivered into, and this system with a long tunnel and these things branching off flat onto the ground. They are spaced maybe 6 feet or so apart and the air from the fan/tunnel filters through. (that's my understanding at least)

I also got some pipes and nick knacks. Still wondering how to clean all this without creating an ice rink outside . I really don&…

Vermont Bauble Clock 4, 2008

Another redo done. I love redoing pieces that never felt finished. As you can see, the original was stark, believe it or not I did spend time on it. I was allowing myself to make something austere. I spent a lot of time with it and really appreciated the beauty of the metal as it was. I put some varnish on it to sheen it up; I spent more time on the back of the piece than the front. We had this clock up for many months and then I put it away. On my website I actually had a page of 'Vermont Bauble Clocks' and sold a few to complete strangers online. My first sales were these Bauble Clocks. I removed the category after getting into my RR Clocks and feeling like the website was getting too scattered.

The Vermont Bauble Clocks are an open ended collection of clocks made with found objects from around Vermont. I think I've made seven so far. Could be time to do a few more, but right now I'm getting into another mixed media photography piece. The snow is a comin …

heads up for movie night

Art School Confidential
Appeared at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival
The creators of GHOST WORLD, cartoonist/screenwriter Daniel Clowes and filmmaker Terry Zwigoff (CRUMB), return with a dark and subversive portrait of art school as a hotbed of ego, pretension, insecurity and phoniness. Max Minghella plays Jerome, an earnest young student who flees the suburbs for Strathmore Academy, a renowned institution situated in a rough New York neighborhood. Among the characters he encounters are a life-drawing instructor (John Malkovich) obsessed with his failed career and a washed-up former prodigy (Jim Broadbent)

Tonight at 10pm on Sundance. It could suck, but worth checking out.

a tumbling down

Last night at the art walk a couple came in and when they saw my clocks the woman said I should come to their farm and get some stuff as they are tearing the barn down in a week or so. That was the highlight of the night, it was a slow turn out, and not many people seemed like they wanted to chat. Unlike a 'gallery opening' the art walk is more informal and it appears that the other places in town showing art were clothing stores, restaurants or other smallish places. Since my work was in an actual art gallery I guess I still hoped for some gallery types coming in. It was a long three hours but I'm glad I went. It really blows my mind the work the gallery owners put into their space. Home made Christmas cookies as well as cheese/crackers and good beverages. I love the art in there, it's just too bad it's in the town it's in ~ the state it is in! They have such an eye for how to arrange work, I was thrilled looking at my clocks and my other work on the w…

my most creative moment this week

LOOK EVERYONE!!!! I made a! That is my pride and joy let me tell ya. Actually I'm very proud of my efforts (yeah take a leveler to it and you will find it isn't perfect but hey it adds to the charm). I had to pack up a long thin (about 14 x 46") framed drawing to send off and I couldn't find a perfect fitting box. A few summers ago I dug out some huge boxes in the dumpster behind the hardware store so I just cut one up and reshaped it.

I don't know about you guys but I refuse, absolutely REFUSE to buy packing and shipping materials. I remember being crazed about two years ago, stocking up on Styrofoam and bubble wrap, boxes and peanuts, all FREE via that site that Tod's mom turned us on to. Sure I drove all over the place getting it but at least I was getting stuff that otherwise was headed for the dump. I've found many businesses are more than happy to give you boxes and peanuts as are self employed people, one person in Burli…

living with art

I wanted to post what our living space looks like. We live in a basement, with some french doors facing northeast and that's it. The basement kind of levels off to ground on one side and is under the ground on the other side. The lighting SUCKS. This is the best I felt like doing.

Yesterday I got an email from a friend (artist/blogger) continuing our conversation about art and who buys it, who likes it and why not etc. It was prompted by the economy, a few comments here and there and all the buzz going on about selling art online and our exploring that with philosophical- like musings. (you know who you are and if you want to join in feel free to do so!)

So last night Tod and I were looking around at our walls and talking about my art and who buys it, and who likes it but doesn't buy it and why. I'm trying to think back on my life and the art I owned, most of it was generic. Posters, nick knacks, nothing that I bought personally from an artist. Then when I started cha…

look at art!

Tracy Helgeson recently whipped up a blog for artists and while she might be at her limit of accepting more artists right now, there is already a fantastic list of artists there! I have to say I'm loving checking in and seeing the additions. I posted about it last week but it continues to get updated, check it out: The Fine Art Department.

The other site that I wrote about is also growing, Small Art Showcase. This put together by Jeanne Williamsom, is also a place to showcase artists, specifically those of us who have smaller works be it in size or price, which will point you in the right direction if you are looking to buy art this season at reasonable prices.

And while I'm recommending sites and artists, check out the Made in Vermont Etsy Street Team Blog. This blog is run by Vermont artists and crafts people who belong to the Made In Vermont Etsy Street Team (MIVEST). Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to a number of hand crafted works that are unique and affordab…