Yesterday I sold the rest of my 'holders' on Etsy! Someone went crazy and bought the remaining nine I had left! Told told me he kind of freaked out when he realized he wasn't able to buy any from me. That's okay, I had given him one so at least he isn't totally gutterless.

It was great to sell these, just as exciting as selling a big priced piece. Honestly it is the highest compliment when another artist buys my work. I think I might take a break from the multiples for a little bit, want to get back to my furniture project and see if I can't get started on some mini mixed media pieces.

As long as I don't get too bogged down by things like people getting killed while being trampled at Wall Marts on black friday, as long as I keep focusing on the the good things that are happening online with other artists getting together championing each others works in various valuable ways, I have some Obama hope for us all. bambalamba hope.

Is it too crazy to fantasize about the day where people do the majority of their consumption online or face to face with local people? That they buy things that are unique and hand made? That all the stores out there become relics of another time and place and are used for something other than generic consumption? I think there are more talented people out there than any other time in history. The more I see, the more people I meet through the blogworld, the more I am inspired by what is possible when people take responsibility, take time, and create a life that is more rich and meaningful. It really doesn't take that many people to get the current flowing. This is new thinking for me, miss sarcastic cynical there isn't enough room for us all to succeed thinker. Things are changing, I'd have to be dead to not see it.

Maybe too I'm feeling more positive because I'm a mere 2300 words away from finishing that NANO November writing thing. This morning I woke up at 4am after having gone to bed at midnight. I felt this desire to finish even though I was only at 31k words, the goal is 50k. I have sat here the entire day save for an hour break, and finally finished writing about my journey since leaving Arizona in 2003 and going into the unknown. I've pretty much told my story up to this point in my life and I'm reflecting on all the things I have accomplished since landing in Vermont and embarking on an art life. It is humbling to say the least. Hard to complain and whine and be disgruntled about ANYTHING after sitting down and writing it all out. It needs editing, and I'm doubtful I will do anything with it, but it is my reminder should I need it, that things have changed, are changing and no doubt will continue to just as long as I don't give up.


Karen said...

WooHOO! Congratulations on both the sale and the NaNo! I have not even been able to get to my nano for days. So of course it will remain at its paltry number of words. But I did have fun with it and am surprised at how much I enjoyed writing.
I saw your pencil holders over on Lisa's blog, so great that she showcased them as well!

self taught artist said...

whoo hoo is right! done!!!! sold!!!!
yeah lisa is awesome, she is wonder woman in my book.
hope you can squeeze out a few more words :)

Steve Kane said...

Yay! Congratulations, you commercially viable artefact provider, you.

schnoobie said...

I wholeheartedly agree with what you said on Lisa's Blog.People who do(or used to or aspire to)make art get it immediately.It's the reason I'm online everyday trying to connect, communicate and be inspired by other artists. I feel like I've been "numbed" by the energy of the general"clueless about art masses" over the years in day to day encounters.(not to mention recent tragic socialogical consequences) I think it has contributed to my apathetic attitude towards my own efforts.BUT!... the internet has been a great source for finding like
minded souls and I cling to these connections to nourish my fragile creative re-birth (so to speak).
Congrats on selling all of your multiples and your writing endeavors.

Kim Hambric said...

Paula, that is awesome. I hate to use that word, but, well, once in a while I have to do it.

I will stay the hell away from Wal-Mart.

Wishing you more happy thoughts and sales.

San said...

Congratulations on your inventory liquidation. And on wrapping up the memoir. But most of all on this joy you are carrying! Were those joy holders you sold out of?