Small Art Showcase

Jeanne Williamson has a new site up called Small Art Showcase. Lisa Call is there and thanks to her I'm part of this great group of artists showcasing works for $25-500. I'm delighted to have a spot here and invite you all to look around and check everyone out!


Nellie's Needles said...

An interesting collection of artists on that site. However, I was surprised to be taken to their blogs rather than a "shopping page" when I clicked on the picture representing each of them/you. Then I clicked on "Small Art Showcase" in your sidebar expecting to view your offerings, but was taken back to J.W.'s site. That one isn't easy to shop, but it does put out the message that you sell ... and in a certain price range.

self taught artist said...

Yeah I think there is a little tweaking to be had. as far as being taken to blogs, I guess if they are selling their work on specific pages thats why you got taken there. I intended that when you click on me it goes to etsy. I've let her know, thanks for your feedback nellie.

Mary Buek said...

Paula, you have been tagged, if you want to participate. See my blog today for details. Thanks, girl.