scattered matter

This is a little scribbling I made of how my head feels right now. For someone who has been homebound for over a week,(today I finally got my car inspected and can drive yay!) one would think I'd have all my ducks in a row.

Instead, I have too many things going on and feel like my head is exploding. How do working mom's do it? Thats what I don't get. I can barely handle anything lately, I've got too many art things going on at once in the studio, I've got online things going on (yes giving in and doing etsy one more time and invited to be part of another new website thanks to Lisa Call). Tomorrow the gallery people are coming by to look at my RR Clocks for their 'In Time for the Holiday' gallery show. (wouldn't you know I just recently put them all in boxes and taped them up)

Tod and I are running around getting little accomplished in our lives and we are going crazy. CRAZY. One foot in front of the other and the days just whoosh by and we are incredulous at how little got done.

My puzzle exile has turned into a complicated project. What started as one thing is turning into something else; I've glued about 10,000 pieces all to realize the direction needs to change. I've had to set it aside and let it marinate. And while that is doing it's thing I finally got inspired to work on a mini collection of multiples. And I'm also still doing the NANO book writing thing. Last year I think I stopped short at like 20k words. The goal is 50k for the month of November. I'm almost at 30k and have just a week to finish. So there ya be, caught up on me.


Michelle said...

Good luck on the writing. I write, but I have a block where I won't write unless I have a huge block of time gguaranteed. Which if anything, guarantees that I will never write!

Ellen said...

You know, I totally love that drawing, can't resist scribble head or head exploding drawings. What is this NANO book thing? I've heard it in a few places, sounds interesting.

self taught artist said...

NANO is a website that you can google to see what it looks like. November is national or something like that, book writing month. its really for novelist, not memoirs...and the goal is to just write, no editing, just write like a crazy person 50k for the month. then i think dec. is the month you edit it. you can keep buddies and see how many words they've written etc. but its all personal and the book doesn't get published on the site or anything.
its for all those budding authors to feel supported and get a jump start.