Last week Tod and I went out scrap hunting, originally the plan was to go to the scrap yard but to my horror they no longer let people walk around, so off we went to that old dump in the ravine where I found the Wonder Horse last spring. We didn't really expect to find much else, everything was covered with leaves; I'm sure there are ton more things buried many feet deep but not anything I will ever get to. I've been there a handful of times and felt I'd picked through it fairly well. But eyes change and in the 4 or 5 months since I had been there I suddenly saw things that I never would have been attracted to. Maybe it is the fear of not knowing when I will find more goodies that made me look even harder!

I was focused and in my own world, a few hours went by just like that and I was able to bring home a few bucketfuls of things as well as a few larger things that are more for my personal decorating than anything else.

The other cool thing is, yesterday I went to the dump to throw some stuff out and right as I pulled up to the bottomless pit to throw my stuff out, the guy in front of me started walking to the other area where you throw out scrap metal, in his hands were three rings! I search for those every day I go out, trying in vain to find them and even offer to pay for them whenever I see some, not easy to get. Here they were, free for the asking! I exclaimed!!!! Asked if I could have them, he nodded and I grabbed those from him like a starving animal. Made my whole stupid day! Tod also took advantage of my mixed media madness sale so now I can shut up about money for another month or two. (that really made my day)


sarala said...

Cool stuff. I hope you took the rusty skate!

self taught artist said...

you betcha i did!

Timja said...

There is something special about rusty scrap.