May the Best Man Win

And if he doesn't, then we just have to be better and make up the difference! We should be doing that regardless, Washington needs all the help it can get no matter who is running our country. I'm betting on the right guy on the left, not the left guy on the right.


sarala said...

Here, here.

Sheree Rensel said...

Oh geesh. Sheree you are such a dork SOMETIMES! LOL LOL (I am talking to myself! I do that.) I had my panties in a wad because the comment box wouldn't come up, PLUS my keyboard keeps skipping or multiplying letters. Lordy, lordy!
The comment box finally popped up behind the zillion other windows I had opened. Also, I just gave my keyboard a good upside down shake to make it behave.

OK. Back to business. LOL

Your right guy on the left or the left guy on the right thing totally made my mind go weirdo. I am like that. Besides being a right brain thinker, I am kind of ADHD with learning disabilities, so it made me pause. I got it now. :-)

ANYWAY, I know you know for whom I am cheering. However, did you know I bought a new shirt?? LOL LOL LOL



self taught artist said...

the post is supposed to do that to your brain , success!!!!

nice shirt you goofoid