Last night the gallery owners from the Lazy Pear in Montpelier came over to get more work for the Nov. 26- Dec 31 show. We had wicked wind and snow all day so I was thrilled they braved the bad driving conditions to come by. This month one of my RR Clocks is on the post card they mail out! Whoo hoo! I know it's a slow time and this isn't some big city gallery, but it is still feels like an honor and is exciting regardless of turnout or sales.

I've only had people come to the place three times to see my studio, look at art. This was their second time coming by and I found myself unusually chatty and excited, rushing here and there showing them things and rambling away at god knows what. It's a really big deal to have someone come over, I never have people here. I don't like people in my space for one, and there isn't anyone to invite really. I have this small window of allotted energy that I can dole out for people, and after about an hour I'm exhausted. Tod and I live in a small space and my studio is crammed and filled and I just feel violated having people in my space.

I did feel like a lunatic after they left. I was buzzing. SHOWING MY ART TO PEOPLE and talking about it, what could get you more jacked up than that? I don't even know what I said. I had a sort of art black out. I babbled about furniture and functionality and god knows what. Walking all over the place pointing this and that out. It took me hours to come down. Better I get it out of me now, that way the night of the opening I wont look like I need an exorcism. I'm sure to them I was fine, hopefully they saw someone turned on and alive about art instead of a rabid artist :)


Steve Kane said...

I'm sure you won them over with your passion and enthusiasm. You have more charm than you know, me dear.

self taught artist said...

yeah well...what YOU think is charm others might think warrants tranquilizers :)

Sheree Rensel said...

Art blackout?? LOL LOL That has happened to me many times before. I bet you spent at least an hour after it was over wondering what in the world you did SAY. At least, that is what I have done. I am sure you did very well. That is great that you had people over and had the opportunity to show and tell about your work.