I'd rather own this than a van gogh!

I never heard of John Chamberlain until today when I was blog surfing. WOW. WOW! I don't know what it is about chunks of metal all crammed and jabbed together, I don't know what it is about the feel of it as I look at wall art that has in your face dimensionality and substance, but honestly I would rather hang this on my wall than any impressionistic painting from Van Gogh or any of the other great painters. My personal preference is just automatically tuned to stuff that I've never seen before, shaped naturally or forced by man into something that has truly never existed! Tod said something yesterday to me about how my art (yes I make an impression on somebody every now and then) has literally made him see things differently. It changes your reality (his words about my object based art as opposed to flat drawings/paintings). I know most people seem to prefer painting, and I can admire the beauty and work that has gone into it, but for me, nothing compares to something you can pick up and feel and turn and look at from every which way and find a new 'in'. I'm off to google more of this artists' work and get more inspired!!!


Sheree Rensel said...

Oh geesh! I am not a fan of Chamberlain's art, but I am a fan of HIM. He is a funny guy! I have a number of videos in which he speaks, tells stories, and gives his STRONG opinions. He is a real hoot! Here is a link to one of many videos on YouTube featuring him and/or his work.

Steve Kane said...

This stuff is wonderful.

It's brilliant when you discover something new (to you, anyway) in art. I've always thought that the "giving people what they want" approach to art is wrong-headed because I truly believe that many people don't know what they like until they see it/read it/hear it for the first time.

I could never have imagined most of my favourite books, music or films. I've never woken up and thought, "Hmm, what I'm looking for today is some sort of jazzy trip-hop techno funk fusion," and then gone out to find such music. No, I just happened to hear a band called Red Snapper one day and they sounded like nothing I'd ever heard before. It was blind luck that their sound happened to tick a bunch of boxes on my subconscious aesthetic checklist. I didn't know that I was looking for them until I found them.

No, don't try to "give people what they want", try to give them what they don't know they want. No, that's ridiculous. Just give them what you made and fuck 'em.

self taught artist said...

thanks for that link sheree, i will for sure check it out!

steve...you encourage me so much with your forthwrightness....i love what you said about the music and your experience. you are an artist fo sho

cy said...

lively forms and colors. keep the creativity fluid.


seth said...

I have seen several of Chamberlain's pieces at Sotheby's in NYC. They are spectacular and mesmerizing. Each piece was estimated to go for close to 2 million!

self taught artist said...

I am jealous you have seen his work in person! I'm not sure I get how it can be so expensive, I have to laugh when people have a hard time paying a few hundred for art let alone 2 MILLION. makes you think something is wrong doesn't it?

Philip said...

Yeah, I like this to. I sometimes use found objects in paintings!