Iconoclasts: Tony Hawk + Jon Favreau

If you haven't seen last weeks episode of Tony Hawk and Jon Favreau, I would suggest doing a search and watching the re-run. (I see it is on again tonight Sundance Channel) I watched it the other night and was blown away by Tony's philosophy and grit. Both he and Jon have had failures that would turn most of us into quitters. I can't stop thinking about something Tony talked about, and that was when skateboarding took a dive in popularity and he found himself skating at Six Flags for $100 a gig, sometimes he would do four gigs a day just to make the money. I forget if he said he had to sell his house, and or get rid of his skate ramps because he couldn't afford to keep them during this time, the point is he learned from failure. He learned not to do it again. He kept doing what he loved and somehow had the tenacity to keep doing what he loved at any cost yet I didn't get the feeling he was reckless or delusional either. It wasn't like 'I'm going to skate no matter what, no matter if I can't feed my family or I am a bum'. He seemed to expect almost and realize that things change and you have to adapt. He looked ahead and saw there were new horizons to be conquered. It paid off and he seems to have a huge awareness about how lucky he is and how important it is to give back. His 'office headquarters' is his own Tony Hawk world that appears to function on different, healthier principals than most companies nowadays.

John Favreau also appears to have a gratitude and realistic view of who he is and what he does. I never saw the two 'bombs' he made (can't recall the names of those movies). I do remember his movie Swingers and Made, and I remember feeling like this person has something going on that isn't like normal hollywood. I didn't know he directed Iron Man (I don't pay attention to directors and producers). I remember he had a weekly(?) show called 'Dinner for Five' that I always found rich both in the guests and the conversation.

So watching these two get together and talk about their 'trade' and their lives was fascinating and very inspiring. I can't get Tony Hawk out of my head. Envious a bit quite honestly, that he knew what he loved when he was 10, 11? yrs old and one day when his father took him to basketball practice he told his dad he just didn't want to do this anymore. He didn't want to play softball or any other sport, just wanted to skate. Here his father had just signed up to be the softball coach, yet his father let him quit and after his dad did his time as coach he then crossed over into helping organize the first skateboard something or nother (I can't remember what but he saw a need for someone to organize this sport and stepped up to bat). Can you imagine? Tony was true to himself. His dad didn't have a bossy ego. How fortunate for them.

Inspiring stuff.


schnoobie said...

Constantly..I'm always looking for stories like that I can't get enough inspiration....speaking of against all odds..I just listened to a recording of Isabella Birds adventures in the Rocky Mountains via Librivox.org( free public domain stuff) and was completely blown away.. she was pretty much an invalid most of her life and then began exploring the world at 40.Mostly by herself and this was in the mid 1800's.Amazing stuff..
I'm still enjoying looking at your work on this site... don't let the let downs drag you with them.Thanks for stopping by my blog..I'll see you around...

self taught artist said...

now THAT sounds fascinating and I will check her out! thanks for sharing, I too need inspirational people to be a beacon.
thanks for coming by again :)

schnoobie said...

I left some more info for you regarding her recordings and how to find them on Librivox on the comments section of my blog...I'm really cranked about this resource..especially if my day job continues to be a daily struggle fighting that slip into coma land.
Thank jod for my ipod!!