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i feel like crap talking about craft

Sometimes I write posts that I then wonder about it all day. Should I delete it, did I sound horrible, am I an idiot blah blah blah.

The post below was written this morning and I have spent the whole day having conversations about craft and art and intention and everything else you can imagine with online people, tod and of course the endless conversation in my own head. Obviously if I get so triggered by something I must be fearful or insecure or whatever. I hope, thought I made it clear that I appreciated links and people trying to help me find a venue other than what I'm doing. Forgive me if I sounded anything other than triggered by a word. I don't want to snap at my readers, and in my mind I wasn't, I was snapping at the word and what it means to me.

I've had my art in a craft gallery before too. It totally changed the piece. It just didn't feel right to me in there. I wasn't proud of it. Looking at my pieces on the wall all mixed in with other things kind of drowned it out, it felt crazy and busy and very every day. That's my experience with craft. And I know there are craft artists who make a killing, they found their way. But you have to feel good about where you show your work, how you show you work. Who you show your work with. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this stuff (my art) isn't easy to just shove in a box and fill the car up with. It's heavy as a whole, its strange in shape, it's large and I just don't have the car, bank account and accoutrement's to haul it or ship it to fairs. So sorry if I got defensive and mightier than though or whatever. I appreciate your comments on that post, and I learn AS ALWAYS when you guys share your opinions and thoughts.

my epiphany after posting this: maybe, just maybe I'm looking at what I know I am capable of making IN THE FUTURE. I aspire to a certain kind of art, to possibilities of what I feel drawn towards doing. I look at that John Chamberlain and see myself, does that make sense? Even if I am not doing that kind of art (yet) I know it is in me and I am trying to go into that direction or one that is similar. wow, I think I get it! that really feels right, I just know the kind of art I am attracted to and want to aspire to and it isn't craft related. Maybe I do make crafty clocks, but in my mind I am really going in a certain direction even if no one else see's it but me. Maybe I'm delusional. But it is my dangling carrot and I want to keep aiming for it.


deb said…
Paula, there are a few venues here in town that I am always being pressured to show in, but my work is not multiples or prints, they are all unique things that take hundreds of hours to create, they don't belong with santas and snowmen, and that market doesn't like my price tags, somedays I think I am being a snob by saying no, but on better days I know I am right to hold out for better!
Karen said…
What Deb says is so very true. the right venue matters, your work should not be in a show with birdhouses and clocks on slices of trees..Chamberlains work will not be viewed as craft, primarialy because it is not a functional piece but something to look upon, does that make sense? While your clocks are functional, they are art, and would suffer if stuck in a show that catered more to craft works. last thought, while I do like Chamberlains work, I like yours more. There is a sensitivity and elegance to your works especially with the addition of your photographs, that just sings! Keep letting yourself evolve and that carrot will be in reach.
karen that makes a lot of sense. thanks for your thoughts, believe it or not these comments are helping me understand something!
Todd Camplin said…
All artists have to think carefully about display. After all, the place you hang your work is the framing device. If you hang your work at the county fair or at a cultural center, those places say something about your work and these places can change the meaning of the works. So, be choosey in how you frame your work. From what I have seen of your work, I think you can be selective in your framing devices.

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