Help I'm sitting on my ass in front of the computer and I can't get up

What am I doing? I've been sitting here since 7:30 AM. It is now 2:54 PM. Sometimes the internet is a vortex and I'm deep into the worm hole. My eyes are lined with red veins, stingy and watering like crazy from staring at this monitor too long.

I've been writing my NANO thing. I had a few thousand words written and decided it was boring so I've started over. I don't know how anyone writes fiction...I can only write what I know about. If anyone else is going to give it a try feel free to add me as a buddy. It's fun to know others are typing away, creating words and paragraphs enough to fill a small book. Writing has usually been very cathartic for me, but now it feels more like a measurement of where I have been and where I am going. Yesterday I decided to visit my very first blog page, written a year and a half ago....I read through that first month and realized how much growth I have already had both in my personal and artistic life. There are changes even if day to day I have a hard time knowing it.

I've also been running around (online) finding things, contacting people, trying to sort out where my EBAY grinder tool is that was supposedly shipped on Oct 21. Trying to find out how to do this, what this is, who that is, write this person and that person and up load stuff for the auction in two days. Read blogs, write comments, answer emails. I have to admit if I weren't waiting for my Mixed Media Piece cold weld job to dry I probably would be working on art instead. I made the mistake of setting it up on my work table so now I can't work there until it is hardened. I'm really excited about my newest Mixed Media Piece (this orange abstract photo will be part of it), it is another round one and as far as I can tell unlike anything I've done to date. I never know until it is finished and up on the wall, but the prototype photos are encouraging.

Yesterday one of the galleries I am in, The Lazy Pear Gallery, asked if I wanted to have my clocks highlighted for the holiday show. Hells yes! They picked a few to have me send images of, let me know which ones they liked and I'm hoping something comes of this despite the economy. Winkleman wrote a good post today, go check it out. While I am no Damien Hurst, and nearly all of the artists I know aren't 'somebody' in the 'art world', we do, at least I think, do something worthwhile and meaningful. Better you buy something from us artists than Wal Marts when you are thinking about giving someone a gift. Think about what you buy, why you buy it and the value of the whole exchange. Just a thought.

Thats about it. I've already voted. Already got snow tires on (never took them off). Got supplies, and basically am gearing up for a fruitful winter. Lots of art. Lots and lots of art. time to put this baby on hibernate.....ya think? Nah, I'm gonna keep writing.


Karen said...

Pencil holders! This year all my gifts are going to be handmade by me. I think it is a really good way to share with loved ones. The budget not withstanding. Of course getting them finished by Christmas will be another thing all together! I still cant get the buddy thing working. No search feature on my page thus far. Enough! I will go back and write somemore!!

Prica said...

agree 100%...I NEED HELP TOO!

deb said...

inspired by your writing thing i have started a random journal project... I'll write about it on my blog tomorrow maybe, but basically I'm going to take a discarded page from a recycled book and just see where it goes, back and forward in time... but good luck with your writing, and I am intrigued by this teaser of a photo, can't wait to see where its going!
best & blessings, dryadart