Clock Multiples

Just finished this small collection of clocks. These little aluminum squares are the back side of that ramp, which the other clocks were made out of in October. I was shocked when I cut that ramp up and the backside slid out, these were completely different than the front of the ramp and it was a BONUS!

The bottom of the clock is, believe it or not, cut up plant holders from the hardware store. Tod is always bringing strange things home for me to do something with and when he brought home a stack of over 100 of them we both knew I would somehow incorporate them into clocks.

I think you will be happy with how lightweight and sturdy these are. I'm liking working with aluminum, it is a cool metal as you can read about here on Wikipedia. Dare I say perfect gifts for the Holidays? I had that in mind, I wanted to make another edition of art that is small in size, small in price and yet still valuable and unique. They are all available on Etsy.


sarala said...

Look at you posting all your clocks on Etsy. I hope you sell a few for Christmas. I wish I could tell the world how great your clocks are. But the world doesn't talk to me.

self taught artist said...

thanks woman me too!