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Yesterday I sold the rest of my 'holders' on Etsy! Someone went crazy and bought the remaining nine I had left! Told told me he kind of freaked out when he realized he wasn't able to buy any from me. That's okay, I had given him one so at least he isn't totally gutterless.

It was great to sell these, just as exciting as selling a big priced piece. Honestly it is the highest compliment when another artist buys my work. I think I might take a break from the multiples for a little bit, want to get back to my furniture project and see if I can't get started on some mini mixed media pieces.

As long as I don't get too bogged down by things like people getting killed while being trampled at Wall Marts on black friday, as long as I keep focusing on the the good things that are happening online with other artists getting together championing each others works in various valuable ways, I have some Obama hope for us all. bambalamba hope.

Is it too crazy to fantasi…

Clock Multiples

Just finished this small collection of clocks. These little aluminum squares are the back side of that ramp, which the other clocks were made out of in October. I was shocked when I cut that ramp up and the backside slid out, these were completely different than the front of the ramp and it was a BONUS!

The bottom of the clock is, believe it or not, cut up plant holders from the hardware store. Tod is always bringing strange things home for me to do something with and when he brought home a stack of over 100 of them we both knew I would somehow incorporate them into clocks.

I think you will be happy with how lightweight and sturdy these are. I'm liking working with aluminum, it is a cool metal as you can read about here on Wikipedia. Dare I say perfect gifts for the Holidays? I had that in mind, I wanted to make another edition of art that is small in size, small in price and yet still valuable and unique. They are all available on Etsy.

i get it

I wanted to just delete those two posts when I woke up today. But then I looked at the thoughtful, intelligent comments and realized as much as I embarrass myself and in my mind, 'look bad' or 'stupid' at least you guys took the time to explain some things gently, coherently and wisely. Thank you.

I get it that labels in the art world are probably meaningless and serve less purpose than I originally thought. I get it that I'm probably never going to do a festival again, either fine art or fine craft. Never say never, I do try to be open to change and possibility but as it stands I just don't have the means to deal with all that, let alone the emotional make-up.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I sometimes feel so overwhelmed by the game if you will, of trying to make a living, let alone a buck, in the art world that I start to unravel. It is exhausting to bounce from feeling insecure, feeling like no matter what you do you will NEVER get in that door…

i feel like crap talking about craft

Sometimes I write posts that I then wonder about it all day. Should I delete it, did I sound horrible, am I an idiot blah blah blah.

The post below was written this morning and I have spent the whole day having conversations about craft and art and intention and everything else you can imagine with online people, tod and of course the endless conversation in my own head. Obviously if I get so triggered by something I must be fearful or insecure or whatever. I hope, thought I made it clear that I appreciated links and people trying to help me find a venue other than what I'm doing. Forgive me if I sounded anything other than triggered by a word. I don't want to snap at my readers, and in my mind I wasn't, I was snapping at the word and what it means to me.

I've had my art in a craft gallery before too. It totally changed the piece. It just didn't feel right to me in there. I wasn't proud of it. Looking at my pieces on the wall all mixed in with other thin…

dont put me in the craft box

No offense to anyone out there who is a craftsman, but the last post had a few comments saying some of my work was craft category. I find myself bristling at that word, even though I appreciate people pointing me to possibilities and directions, it just brings back a few memories of arts and craft festivals and seeing the little wooden bird houses or signs or crap that is just repetitive un-creative blobs of stuff.

Craft vs fine art. I googled it. There are fine lines. I prefer to think of my RR Clocks as functional, contemporary art. Granted craft appears to be functional rather than aesthetic, there are plenty of 'big named famous artists' who have made functional art and they were not considered craft artists. There is no craft in my skills believe me. I am not a woodworker, I am not a furniture maker, I am a visionary even before I am an artist. A craftsman knows how to do things and do them well. Use tools. Make replicates of work. I've only made two pieces, t…


Last night the gallery owners from the Lazy Pear in Montpelier came over to get more work for the Nov. 26- Dec 31 show. We had wicked wind and snow all day so I was thrilled they braved the bad driving conditions to come by. This month one of my RR Clocks is on the post card they mail out! Whoo hoo! I know it's a slow time and this isn't some big city gallery, but it is still feels like an honor and is exciting regardless of turnout or sales.

I've only had people come to the place three times to see my studio, look at art. This was their second time coming by and I found myself unusually chatty and excited, rushing here and there showing them things and rambling away at god knows what. It's a really big deal to have someone come over, I never have people here. I don't like people in my space for one, and there isn't anyone to invite really. I have this small window of allotted energy that I can dole out for people, and after about an hour I'm exhauste…

Small Art Showcase

Jeanne Williamson has a new site up called Small Art Showcase. Lisa Call is there and thanks to her I'm part of this great group of artists showcasing works for $25-500. I'm delighted to have a spot here and invite you all to look around and check everyone out!

scattered matter

This is a little scribbling I made of how my head feels right now. For someone who has been homebound for over a week,(today I finally got my car inspected and can drive yay!) one would think I'd have all my ducks in a row.

Instead, I have too many things going on and feel like my head is exploding. How do working mom's do it? Thats what I don't get. I can barely handle anything lately, I've got too many art things going on at once in the studio, I've got online things going on (yes giving in and doing etsy one more time and invited to be part of another new website thanks to Lisa Call). Tomorrow the gallery people are coming by to look at my RR Clocks for their 'In Time for the Holiday' gallery show. (wouldn't you know I just recently put them all in boxes and taped them up)

Tod and I are running around getting little accomplished in our lives and we are going crazy. CRAZY. One foot in front of the other and the days just whoosh by and we are inc…

best ever art experiences

Here are the ones posted so far, thanks for sharing ladies, I'm having fun reading them.


Paula, I finally think I have one best ever art experiences.. acutally there are many many more but here are two for your blog. 1. hiking around Taos in New Mexico and while taking a rest break looking up and realizing I was looking at the hills as Georgia Okeeffe painted them.I recognized the shapes from her paintings, the same shapes and colors. I had lived in New Mexico for some time but it was the first time I stood out in the high desert with that vista in front of me. I felt so inspired! when I was back at my home I spent some time just browsing through one of my Okeefe books just looking at her painted hills. I felt a kindred connection even though I had never met the woman but her art spoke volumns to me. 2. Meeting the artists R.C. Gorman in chicago. he was funny,kind and very flirtatious! I was nearly speechless. It was a wonderful fun evening full of artists …

What was your best ever art experience?

I like it when you guys tells me what happened to YOU. (example below the puzzle exile post where you guys posted your own 'police stories'.) So I want to hear what your best ever art experience has been to date. It can be your own epiphany while working on something, an experience selling, seeing, buying WHATEVER. Nothing compares to real stories does it? (okay great art but hey). I realize it could be a challenge to pick the best, the point is just share something that stood above and beyond in your life in regards to art.

If it turns out to be a blog post leave the link in the comment box. I'm hoping this cheers us all up and makes us laugh or cry or feel inspired. I'll be thinking about mine and do another post, possibly sharing your comments as blips or links to your posts if you get that inspired. Sound good?

I will try my best to be patient (meaning if no one does it today I wont have a tantrum and delete this post and lock myself up with my puzzle baggi…

more jumbled thoughts about art, marketing, & collecting

Two posts down I wrote about hype, posters, collectors and Shepard Fairey. Today I see on the cover of Art News, not only is sheps art on the cover but an article discusses what I was trying to talk about but didn't have the ammunition to explain. I have no point really in posting about this stuff other than me being woken up more in regards to seeing and understanding the art markets a little more. BTW, good for Fairey! Good for him, it spurs me on!

I recently emailed another artist/blogger who is, at least in my mind, prolific in the selling and marketing of her paintings. I asked her if she had any recommendation for how I could find MY market. Specifically, find out how to make it so THEY find ME. (she had an article online about you need to find your market, that there is a market for ANY kind of art, even bad art). I was inspired and really woke up, thinking YES!!!!!! MY MARKET. I need to find my people!

She wrote me back (thank you!) and had a ton of suggestions. Mos…

puzzle exile

I'm in a sort of self imposed (by dint of stupidity) exile from the world right now. You see, in my poverty minded mentality I waited until the last minute to get my car lic. plate tags renewed. It's different from state to state how you go about all that auto registration crap, and while I've lived here since 04, I didn't technically do the car stuff until two years ago. I never thought I was going to stay here so I just kept my car registered in Arizona. So, having forgotten how it works here, I kept putting it off and doing it online at the last minute. I forgot one important step, that is, I would have to take the registration they mail me with the lic. tags (which I didn't remember I would need to do) to an auto mechanic to then get my car 'inspected'. In Arizona it works differently and I will spare you the differences. Anyhow. I waited for my tags and they never came. I emailed the DMV and they said they will send new ones out and NOT TO DRI…


Even I have heard of Shepard Fairey, thanks to the now infamous Obama Poster. I know someone who bought that poster earlier this year and within months it has turned into an Ebay Monster. In fact, Fairey is become his very own iconic figure as his iconic images plaster the virtual art world. Didn't I hear recently that he is now going to be working with or for the Obama people? When I take a look at his other iconic works that are now sizzling in the art world I am left wondering what I am supposed to feel. I'm clueless. At least the Obama poster even if I am not apt to go ape shit over words telling me what to think or believe do make sense on a general level.

You'd have to have your head under a large rock not to notice that in the last few years t-shirts and posters seem to rule when it comes to online selling of artwork. It is all about image rather than the object. Tod said it is a flat world, a 2D world. Everything is online, its flat.

There are times I wonder …

Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect

Last night OVATION TV showed a documentary of architect Philip Johnson. Once again someone I had never heard of, but WOW what a talented human. He died a few years ago at the ripe old age of 98. He lived in CT. and from the looks of it, he owned a bucketload of land whereby he put up different little buildings. Some housed his incredible art collections, one was a study, one a church, a glasshouse etc etc.

He seemed to have this fascination with natural lighting. The work on his estate all had portholes in the ceiling and walls, allowing just the perfect of angle light to come in to allow for that perfect bathroom shave, the perfect view of his art collection or casting the perfect atmosphere for working without having light glaring on his hands or paper. There was one outdoor sculpture he made, it was built with the sole intention of having you climb to the top and read some ancient script. That was the 'reward' for going to the top. One of his art dwellings was INCRE…

more art

I'd rather own this than a van gogh!

I never heard of John Chamberlain until today when I was blog surfing. WOW. WOW! I don't know what it is about chunks of metal all crammed and jabbed together, I don't know what it is about the feel of it as I look at wall art that has in your face dimensionality and substance, but honestly I would rather hang this on my wall than any impressionistic painting from Van Gogh or any of the other great painters. My personal preference is just automatically tuned to stuff that I've never seen before, shaped naturally or forced by man into something that has truly never existed! Tod said something yesterday to me about how my art (yes I make an impression on somebody every now and then) has literally made him see things differently. It changes your reality (his words about my object based art as opposed to flat drawings/paintings). I know most people seem to prefer painting, and I can admire the beauty and work that has gone into it, but for me, nothing compares to someth…

one shoe

Also found this tiny bent shoe. There is something so incredibly beautiful about this. Sort of takes my breath away.


Last week Tod and I went out scrap hunting, originally the plan was to go to the scrap yard but to my horror they no longer let people walk around, so off we went to that old dump in the ravine where I found the Wonder Horse last spring. We didn't really expect to find much else, everything was covered with leaves; I'm sure there are ton more things buried many feet deep but not anything I will ever get to. I've been there a handful of times and felt I'd picked through it fairly well. But eyes change and in the 4 or 5 months since I had been there I suddenly saw things that I never would have been attracted to. Maybe it is the fear of not knowing when I will find more goodies that made me look even harder!

I was focused and in my own world, a few hours went by just like that and I was able to bring home a few bucketfuls of things as well as a few larger things that are more for my personal decorating than anything else.

The other cool thing is, yesterday I went to th…

Iconoclasts: Tony Hawk + Jon Favreau

If you haven't seen last weeks episode of Tony Hawk and Jon Favreau, I would suggest doing a search and watching the re-run. (I see it is on again tonight Sundance Channel) I watched it the other night and was blown away by Tony's philosophy and grit. Both he and Jon have had failures that would turn most of us into quitters. I can't stop thinking about something Tony talked about, and that was when skateboarding took a dive in popularity and he found himself skating at Six Flags for $100 a gig, sometimes he would do four gigs a day just to make the money. I forget if he said he had to sell his house, and or get rid of his skate ramps because he couldn't afford to keep them during this time, the point is he learned from failure. He learned not to do it again. He kept doing what he loved and somehow had the tenacity to keep doing what he loved at any cost yet I didn't get the feeling he was reckless or delusional either. It wasn't like 'I'm going to…

Best Man

I think, or at least I hope the best man won last night. I have never watched the end results, let alone listen to the winners' speech. I forced myself to. I looked at all the people standing there in Chicago, listening and soaking up his words and energy and thought wow, I hope we as a people (not a country just as people on this earth) can get our shit together. I hope we, and I'm talking me here more so than not, can work on our lives and selves and take responsibility for our actions so that things happen naturally and not by some laws governed at us. I have hope but realistically speaking he will get more done if we make sure we take care of our bodies, our homes, our children, our everything.

But hey I'm no politician. Just an artist. Treading rather lightly at present open to possibility in my self and in life.

May the Best Man Win

And if he doesn't, then we just have to be better and make up the difference! We should be doing that regardless, Washington needs all the help it can get no matter who is running our country. I'm betting on the right guy on the left, not the left guy on the right.

Help I'm sitting on my ass in front of the computer and I can't get up

What am I doing? I've been sitting here since 7:30 AM. It is now 2:54 PM. Sometimes the internet is a vortex and I'm deep into the worm hole. My eyes are lined with red veins, stingy and watering like crazy from staring at this monitor too long.

I've been writing my NANO thing. I had a few thousand words written and decided it was boring so I've started over. I don't know how anyone writes fiction...I can only write what I know about. If anyone else is going to give it a try feel free to add me as a buddy. It's fun to know others are typing away, creating words and paragraphs enough to fill a small book. Writing has usually been very cathartic for me, but now it feels more like a measurement of where I have been and where I am going. Yesterday I decided to visit my very first blog page, written a year and a half ago....I read through that first month and realized how much growth I have already had both in my personal and artistic life. There are chang…

Weird Story:

Can you imagine? I read this post and had to laugh out of nervous hysteria. (I'm sorry the guy died, that isn't funny) I mean think about it, all the things we dream for in life and here is an example of someone spending 45 years trying for that ONE PERFECT THING and then he gets it and just DIES!

Makes ya think doesn't it? What if you got it? What if suddenly everyone wanted you, your art, your book, your whatever. What if you finally got that house, that car, that mate that job....maybe it would kill you. Maybe it wouldn't be what you thought it would be. Maybe the journey really is the best part about going towards anything.

Two nights ago I had a dream that I was at a party with a woman who suddenly became an instant success. She was an author and the room was filled with everyone trying to get a picture of her, her autograph etc. I was watching from afar and could see the confusion on her face because this isn't what she had bargained for...the chaos an…