VAST Time #78/100

VAST Time, 2008

A few weeks ago I went hiking and as is the case stumbled upon 'found objects'. I found two VAST signs sticking out of mud and leaves just off the trail. It was obvious that lots of work had been done on trails/bridges and drainage systems so I figured it was okay to remove this from the land without feeling like I was screwing up some trail system. VAST stands for Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, there are miles and miles of snowmobile trails here in Vermont, you could travel to Canada and down to NY or NH. Pretty cool. Maybe someone who has traveled all the trails will find this clock a sort of time trophy? probably not...but I had to make this clock. I cut one of the signs up and glued the yellow part to the black to place above and below the center. One yellow strip in the middle serves and a mini head trip when you view the clock from a slight angle. The small hole just right of the clock hands is a nail hole where I would imagine it was affixed to a tree or beam on a bridge.


San said...

Perhaps the buyer will be someone who finds your clock a reminder of how, even in its own VASTNESS, time tends to turn on itself and bring the past back to us.

deb said...

This is an even cooler object than that big ball of junk in the previous post, I would love to own it... if only I hadn't just blown money on someone else's art this week!! Maybe you will still have it when next I have cash!!

self taught artist said...

deb that is quite a compliment thank you! Payments and offers always an option :)

deb said...

You're welcome - send me an email at dryad_art37@yahoo.com and maybe we can work something out, I'm not even sure if it is something I could afford, but I would like to see my options!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you had fun there!!