I have a good day and a half left of my ebay/blog auction. I've had four bidders up it from ninety nine cents to over eighty dollars. I'm impressed and thankful. I want it to go for less than the asking price as that was the point...but I didn't want to be giving something away for pennies either. I will still have nine left after this and hope they sell sooner than later but thats another day to fret over.

What I find interesting is the amount of bloggers who have come by from Lisa Call's blog and Nellie's Needles. You guys have the audience most of us would kill for. My 19-25 readers a day has jumped up to 50 a day since you and a few other people have linked to my auction post below. Not a single new person has left a comment which would make it easy for me to get all weirded out. If it weren't for my traffic stats I would have no clue I had so much traffic going on over here, not only that, people are spending a good amount of time on the blog (or else leaving the page open and skipping off to another) . It does make me wonder what I can do to illicit more traffic in the future and more comments. Maybe my blog just isn't that kind of blog. Maybe when you post personal things, not always appropriate not always happy or informative you risk turning people away. Maybe I'm just a small audience kind of gal. My blog readers know I've dealt with the empty blog feeling a fair amount and have made a certain level of peace with it all. I'm not mainstream, nor is my art. To think I would have lots of comments about how cool the new clocks are is probably asking too much. Makes those four people who bid even more cherished! This is good experience, good in many unexpected ways. It is putting myself out there in way I hadn't previously and ultimately you come face to face with YOU. Ultimately it is me looking at my work and seeing it as much as I can through your eyes. I still wish I had more feedback just to know what people think....is silence feedback? Not good feedback? I love these little clocks. I keep thinking about what they were made from and how they were designed and the end result is a tight, colorful, happy yet tough little character that looks ready to walk off the wall and sashay with mighty might out the door if not appreciated. I look at the other clocks where I've listed my clock and feel certain mine is of a different world.

Tod has also clued me in on the fact that blogs and artist's websites are not e-commerce sites. E-commerce or retail sites, are where one would sell their art. Last year I really got it that my website is really just a portfolio, I've made it that way. I've got it that the blog is also more of a journal/biography. Both necessary places to have but I need the e-commerce. Those other nine clocks?....Tod will get that site up this week (OR ELSE!!!!) and that is where we hope to sell art. Of course then there is the begetting of traffic. I can't help but to wonder how do you get all your visitors Lisa and Nellie? I have to stop looking at others and comparing and feeling like something is wrong with me. Lesson number 1,899,746. I have to know that despite my small world view there is a bigger picture with lots of people in it and it doesn't take that many people buying art to keep your head afloat. I struggle with feeling like everyone has so much going on, we are all self absorbed just trying to do our own lives so how do we find each other? I know not a single person who isn't dealing with dump trucks of change. It overwhelms me. But hey!!!! I'm selling a clock on ebay so I need to shut up and just focus on this one COOL thing right now!


Lisa said...

I have no idea where my readers come from. Okay - that's not exactly true - I have a vague idea. I comment on blogs, people post links, etc. My stats dropped a bunch when I moved in may/june/july cause I rarely posted. They are back up to "normal"ish levels.

So - here are my numbers - just to freak you out a bit :)


19,433 unique visitors
77,622 page views

I average 1,100-1,300 unique visitors each day.

Those numbers even freak me out.

self taught artist said...

i told tod and he said NO WAY
i don't even think i could handle that many readers...and you are twittering??????????????????? as if you need MORE? your a nut

Nellie's Needles said...

I've been in Chicago for the weekend celebrating our younger son's 40th so I'm a bit late with a response.

I cannot even imagine getting the number of readers that go to Lisa's blog ... and I'm one of them.

I have a few faithful readers (probably as many or less than you, Paula) among the average 100 per day who view twice that many pages. Otherwise, most of my visitors come to check out the techniques that I blog about ... often as a result of others posting my link on their blogs or group sites. I freely share the ways I've figured out to do "stuff". I reference the technique in my title so my blog gets listed as a site to go to when someone googles for information. ...And I post lots of photos. Quite a few readers come because they're checking out a "google image" they saw somewhere. Seems that all blog photos are posted "out there". The original intent for my blog was to share my current work with friends and family. However, few of them rarely check it out.

self taught artist said...

I'm surprised you dont have as many faithful readers nellie, it sure looks busy over there :)
funny, over a year ago I posted something about louise nevelson and inspiration. I posted some of her work and to this day, every single day, i'd say 1/5 of my visitors seem to come from those photos i linked to. it does just seem overwhelming to have all those visitors, lisa is a power blogger!

Balhatain said...

Little tip, use pingomatic everytime you post something new to your blog. :)

self taught artist said...

thx balhatain
i forgot about that site!