thank god for warren and charlie

I had to take the blinders off.....for all the confusing negative stuff being said and speculated about, and for as little as I know about any of it, I have to say that watching this last night did me good. I didn't understand 1/2 of it but I still felt better.

Here is a link to Charlie's site.


Ellen said...

yes, thank god for charlie (and Bill Moyers!). Discussion rather than little tidbits of news.

Loved your previous post and all the discussion that went along with it - process and concept. The art we create, like the times we live in is better understood after the process is complete. I'm sure the complexities of the economic debacle will be crystal clear to historians a century from now as they are able to take a wider, holistic view.

Okay, enough, I'm putting my blinders back on, time for work and all that 'process'.

self taught artist said...

ellen, have i said how happy i am that you popped out of the woodwork and started leaving comments :)
...I need to check bill out.