Protecting Time #79/100

Protecting Time, 2008

Butting up against #80 which has been in the queue for three months. Realizing with each and every clock how precious few are left to make in this series of 100. This clock is unique in that it has 'Krupp' and 'Germany' printed on the lower part of the plate. I've not ever come across a RR Plate with that on it. Rare? Probably not but a first for me and I've handled a few hundred plates. This is one of those earthy pieces, sometimes I'm tempted to be more splashy but I have to follow my instincts with what works with each plate and bauble. There is something dark about the fact that Germany is on this and I've got the clock in a cage. I prefer to think of it as protected as opposed to trapped. The 'cage' is multi colored to match the various orange/umber/gray/blue hues on the plate. Hands are gold and cast a sheen from a distance with the right lighting.


Sheree Rensel said...

OMG!! This is such a great piece! You just keep turning out stuff that gets better and better.

self taught artist said...

thanks sheree!!!!

Ellen said...

Fantastic clock! love it! And love the calligraphy too. I love organic line art like that. I had soooooo much to say about the 'Escape from Suburbia' post, but it's taken me this long to formulate my thoughts and you're so damn blog-prolific, it seems irrelevant now, oh well, always enjoy reading your posts.

On 80 now? Deeply impressed, way to go!

self taught artist said...

well ellen believe it or not i would have loved to hear what you had to say, i DID ask for help did I not? :)
you especially articulate so well & usually open up my mind, so if you are really bored maybe you will reconsider commenting on a defunct post? glad you like the clock, i'm always surprised when people like some and not seem to care for others.

Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

This clock, "Protecting Time" is absolutely fantastic! I will have to check out your site to see if I can afford it! The textures and dimension
are spot on and the earthy colors are wonderful.

self taught artist said...

Beverly, thanks for the comment!!!
Feel free to contact me if you have questions. I am putting it out there that I am always open to working with people re: payments and pricing. Don't be afraid to ask, I wont be offended.

sarala said...

That is one awesome clock! It has to be another one of my favorites.

seth said...

Wonderful clock. I love the concept and the execution.