out there

Last week tod and I went on a mini road trip. Seems like forever since we went anywhere new looking for baubles or photo opps. Ended up south/east in springfield, vt and then bellows falls. Springfield was interesting, not the town itself as much as a state route we took that was beautiful and sequestered from the world. Beautiful homes dotting the land, ranches, farms, much more upscale than I've seen, other than the Stowe area, in Vermont yet. It wasn't a lucrative day for photos/baubles. The above was some cool wood on a huge old building in town. I love that this is unedited in anyway, such color and texture dotted with nails that look like buttons.

Below is something I finally got today....call me crazy but I LOVE finding thick rubber stuff on the roads. I've had my eye on this thing on the highway for a week now and today I couldn't take it, I just had to pull off the road and run out there and nab it. Gotta get what I can before the snow seals everything up!

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Karen said...

That first photo would translate into a wonderfully textural fabric art piece!! Looks like your auction is taking off! So cool!