is winter here?

Yesterday Tod and I had to get the 'house car' as the home owners left it at another location when they departed. It's just a 20 minute drive up on the other side of Stowe, and while it was snowing at our house it didn't stick like it did over there. Winter is coming and I always like it because the crazy gardener doesn't come here obsessively and the bugs lie in hiding til Spring.

It's harder to work on art as the garage gets filled with more crap for winter so going up to cut or grind things is a pain and its cold out there, harder to find art objects, nearly impossible to take pictures since I got 'the white finger', (I have Raynaud's Disease); while not dangerous my fingers/toes can turn pure yellow/white and I can't feel them for quite awhile so I can't be out there taking gloves off to snap a picture and use a tripod. Lastly, my eyes water so much when it is cold out that I can't even see! Having said that, I'm still thinking about my last post about money. I have so much to say I'm scattered and not sure where to start. Maybe I don't even need to write anything. Just the little I wrote injected my thoughts with reference points of how I have changed, what I can try to change and how to live with it all in the meantime. Right now the sun is out so I'm going to rush out there and continue on with my latest tiny limited edition of new stocking stuffer works!


Ellen said...

Blogger ate up my super long winded comment this morning, so I'll write another, even longer one. HA! so there blogger!

I LOVE that idea of small, ltd. ed. artworks like stocking stuffers. I think a lot of online selling caters to work that is easy to ship. It's true if someone really loves something they'll pay to get it, but I've changed my mind on some online purchases because of big shipping costs.

Money is such an evil necessity. And it's bothersome that the idea of it brings up so much emotions in everyone. I've always had a bad relationship with it and never seem to have enough. Then I realize, I have a roof over my head, my family is clothed and fed and I get to do art instead of slinging burgers 10 hrs a day, so I must be pretty damn rich, even if my bank account tells me I'm broke.

Sheree Rensel said...

I just have to give you some credit Paula. Years ago, I spent one month in Johnson at the Vermont Studio Center. It was January. Even though I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, I had NEVER felt cold like I felt that month in Vermont. I can remember walking up the street trying to free icicles from my nostrils. It was horrible!
You can imagine how I felt by simply realizing I get cold down here in Florida when the temp hits 70 degrees. Oh the horror!! Keep WARM!!!!

self taught artist said...

yeah sheree, even in arizona in the winter my fingers turned cold. it is harsh here!
ellen: i hear you about shipping... i realize shipping is a deterrent if the piece is costing more than $20. I try to offer free shipping on most things, the larger the more free I believe it should be. glad you approve of the idea of mini mini editions :)

akula said...

hehe...we have more in common than we think! i'm pretty sure i have raynaud's too...my naturopath brought it up after i told her about my white thumbs. once last winter it was so bad that it spread to my index and middle finger too...i spent the next 10min in the bathroom of the thai resto we were at trying to bring myself back to life. it's so creepy. it's a little bit o' death knocking on my door.

apart from that, can i just say that the clocks on artful home are really dull. yours are the bomb & i loved your ebay piece!

anyway. it's inspiring just hearing about you working away while i sit on my butt numbing myself in other ways...!

self taught artist said...

akula, yeah my homeopath tells me to keep massaging my arms/hands and no sugar. i found super strength cayenne (like 300,000 + units hot) helps but you have to take it daily and usually i'm only motivated in winter...otherwise I dont have it in me.

and thank you for checking the clocks on that site and complimenting my little crazy clocks. my feeling is that that site is too streamlined and 'clean'...manufactured ya know?
glad i inspire you while you have glutuous raynaudles.

Michelle said...

THanks for the comment on my site. I don't know why ou can't leave comments. I will check into that.
Congrats on the ebay sucess. I think we all have to find very creative ways in this economy!