ideas and supplies

I can't speak for painters, textile artists, or other disciplines as I have no experience in that realm of creativity, but I do wonder what sort of challenges they face when it comes to supplying themselves with the physical goods to their work. If you were to walk into my studio you would see I have shelves filled with boxes of organized pieces of 'junk'. I have my shelf of misc. nuts, bolts, and other hardware. I've also managed to line the walls and floors with large pieces of found steel, wood and other necessary objects that make up the meat of my work.

Usually I look ahead a bit and know what I might want to get started on as I'm working the end of whatever it is I'm doing. I feel a little panicked about not having enough unique objects that will go together well. This time I feel that more so as I look at those 1o clocks I just finished and realize I like doing these little series of replicas. I still have 5 exact pieces of aluminum (the back side of what was used in the last clocks) and have been playing with making clocks out of them, they are more challenging as they are not as boxy and stand alone looking; they need some sort of background. I made one last month on a RR Clock but that is in it's own series and I want these to be completely different. This is when the BAUBLE POVERTY MODE sets in. I don't have enough fun little things that are all the same. I've found unique bits of riff raff and that's about it. I was so lucky to have those two dozen or so coils to use on the Coil Clocks, now I'm wondering how to keep finding more baubles that are identical.

There are diametrically opposing factors too in regards to getting more STUFF. I care take, so the more shit I bring into this house the more nightmare it could be if we suddenly have to move. As it stands I couldn't afford to live in a shoebox so where would I put all this stuff? Then there is winter. Can't find much out there when it's freezing and covered with white stuff. I also take into consideration wasting gas money and putting too many miles on these winter tires I've driven on all summer. When I can shut up those worried creatures lurking in the background, I hear the voice of my wobbly heart saying go for it. Live life and take chances. Keep pushing yourself to explore and find and grow. All I have is now. It's not like I'm being irresponsible and foolish. I might have to go jab the sleeping man (tod) and inform him we are going to the scrap yard!


Ellen said...

The medium for you is the message, looking at objects and having them guide you to create. Whereas it's the reverse for artists working in traditional media.

I'm a terrible collector of artists' materials though, I have every type of paint that exists, from watercolour (which i never use) to oil, acrylics, and even underglazes for ceramic. And I think maybe it's directed by that same feeling of panic. if I have an idea, I want to make sure I have all the materials at my disposal. But then I end up gravitating towards the same materials that feels most comfortable anyway. I'm curious, even in found objects, you must have a strong preference for some materials over others?

self taught artist said...

that makes sense about painters being guided in reverse. it's unsettling not to have everything you need when you are ready to work isn't it?
i'm not sure i do have a preference though in materials, i feel like it's just wood or metal and both challenge me.

San said...

The voice of your wobbly heart is pretty strong I think. It comes through loud and clear in your art. Keep it well stocked.

Karen said...

I am impressed that you have "boxes of organized "... ha, I have tubs and stacks and bins and little drawers and basketfulls of UNorganized stuff. I try to keep a decent stash of the basics that I use and I know that compared to many other quilters my 'stash' is on the meager side.