different kind of day + fun found objects

The longer I live in Vermont the more I like it. I'm sure if I lived in an old drafty house and had to pay for my heat bills that would be a different story. For now, living as a care-taker works more than not. Today I roused the daddy (tod) and off we went to see if I could get some snow tires, a friend informed me that today was the Wheels for Warmth tire sale whereby people can drop off tires for a fee of $4 a tire and us financially challenged people can get tires for $15 ea.; the proceeds go to help people afford winter heating, a win win for everyone involved! I couldn't find my size though, me and my tiny mazda :( I did find a nice fat rubber bauble in the parking lot.

Tod and I then went to Montpelier to splurge on restaurant food. I think we go out to eat maybe three times a year IF. We are pickier than most people in that most places just taste generic, and whatever is purported to be fantastic usually has more flaws than not. We like local everything, local meat, milk, cheese, veggies....and we like our restaurants to use fresh local products. Well today we found a place, Kismet Kitchen on Barre Street. Man oh Man! I'm serious, I felt this urge to cry when I tasted my meal. It was pure, tender and filled with love and creativity. I can honestly say I have never eaten anything quite like this before, me and my horrible memory...it was some kind of buckwheat crepe (?) filled with organic chicken, pesto, lemon, goat cheese, peas and other unknown goodness, altogether it was so tangy and zesty it just might be the most nurturing combination of ingredients EVER . The caliber of the food superseded any restaurant I've been to yet here in Vermont. Also it is rare to go to a 'healthy' type of restaurant that doesn't feel overly grunged out aesthetically let alone offering downright sinful tasting food! It's probably the tiniest restaurant I've ever been in, and not a place you need to get all garbed up with fakeness to feel comfortable in. It's so wholesome you don't get bloated and ill even though the food is very filling. When is Stowe going to get a good restaurant like this?

A few more stops here and there and then back to Stowe with a final stop at the dump. I have to say, living in a small rural town rocks when it comes to garbage. We go to the dump a few times a week and find the coolest things for free. Last week I told tod I was ready to start on a room divider and just like that he came home with a wooden (from italy) room divider with the panels gone, just waiting for me to fill it in with art. Above I found an old scale that works. When I cleaned it up it was a beautiful porcelain white, actually it's own art piece in my mind. Then I found this cedar shelf thing. I removed the backing (nasty luanne that smelled) and now I have a good mini shelf. Also got some more clothes for winter and a few baubles. Not a typical saturday for us, it felt like Christmas!

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sarala said...

What a fun outing. If only all days could be that much fun and productive too. I would have loved finding that scale myself.
Big cities aren't bad for finding cast offs either. People leave things in the alley behind my house all the time. I just scored a plant stand that way. There are the professional pickers too though so there is a bit of competition.