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Protecting Time #79/100

Protecting Time, 2008

Butting up against #80 which has been in the queue for three months. Realizing with each and every clock how precious few are left to make in this series of 100. This clock is unique in that it has 'Krupp' and 'Germany' printed on the lower part of the plate. I've not ever come across a RR Plate with that on it. Rare? Probably not but a first for me and I've handled a few hundred plates. This is one of those earthy pieces, sometimes I'm tempted to be more splashy but I have to follow my instincts with what works with each plate and bauble. There is something dark about the fact that Germany is on this and I've got the clock in a cage. I prefer to think of it as protected as opposed to trapped. The 'cage' is multi colored to match the various orange/umber/gray/blue hues on the plate. Hands are gold and cast a sheen from a distance with the right lighting.

help me understand

Last night Sundance channel had this documentary on. I believe it was made in '07 so it was doubly interesting to hear what people were saying well over a year ago in regards to the economy and how everything may or may not play out in the near future. I wasn't able to give this my full attention as I was running around doing things with headphones on, listening more than watching, but I found myself coming back to a thought or a feeling that seems to be appearing more and more.

Before I get into that, I also want to say I later watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yes ladies and gentlemen I occasionally watch vapid television. I have a hard time stomaching this show but I watch it out of a repulsed fascination. I almost liken these housewife shows to 'know the enemy' sort of mindset; that and sometimes I need a diversion and it's cheaper than going out and wasting money on something I don't need. The New York and California Housewives I also watched. …

what it feels like

When I was a little I found myself wanting to be near whatever project my dad was working on. His father was a carpenter and while my dad never thought he did anything right or good enough (duh that's where that comes from), he did trudge on. I'm not sure, but I think he did these household projects more to save money and to have something to do rather than some innate love of creating. I can recall his dread of redoing a room or having to scrape the paint off the house to repaint it. He did some pretty creative things, rebuilding the alleyway garage, building a picnic table that went around a tree as well as making a rec room in the once dank, dark basement.

My father never let me help or get involved (at least I have no memory of it) and I would sit on ladders and watch him. I would sit on the ground and watch. I always wanted to be near whatever it was he was doing. I loved going into the basement and looking at his dusty musty shelves filled with tools and baby jars …

different kind of day + fun found objects

The longer I live in Vermont the more I like it. I'm sure if I lived in an old drafty house and had to pay for my heat bills that would be a different story. For now, living as a care-taker works more than not. Today I roused the daddy (tod) and off we went to see if I could get some snow tires, a friend informed me that today was the Wheels for Warmth tire sale whereby people can drop off tires for a fee of $4 a tire and us financially challenged people can get tires for $15 ea.; the proceeds go to help people afford winter heating, a win win for everyone involved! I couldn't find my size though, me and my tiny mazda :( I did find a nice fat rubber bauble in the parking lot.

Tod and I then went to Montpelier to splurge on restaurant food. I think we go out to eat maybe three times a year IF. We are pickier than most people in that most places just taste generic, and whatever is purported to be fantastic usually has more flaws than not. We like local everything, local m…

how ya do it

I recently watched the tail end of a documentary on the writer Annie Proulx. I don't remember what it was called and have failed to find it on google. It followed her research journey (18 months worth) prior to writing the book 'That Old Ace in the Hole'. I remember reading her book, 'The Shipping News' and having a challenging time with the prose, suffice to say her style is unique; I found the dialogue about that from other writers quite interesting. I believe she spent quite awhile in Texas but traveled to other places as well to get her information. What fascinated and exhausted me was observing her meticulous procedure after having gathering an inexhaustible load of material and photographs. I mean this woman would sit on atop mountains and draw/watercolor(?) the area, gather as much information about the tiniest of details that usually aren't even used save for a sentence or two. She finally got home and it showed the mounds of material sitting on …

is winter here?

Yesterday Tod and I had to get the 'house car' as the home owners left it at another location when they departed. It's just a 20 minute drive up on the other side of Stowe, and while it was snowing at our house it didn't stick like it did over there. Winter is coming and I always like it because the crazy gardener doesn't come here obsessively and the bugs lie in hiding til Spring.

It's harder to work on art as the garage gets filled with more crap for winter so going up to cut or grind things is a pain and its cold out there, harder to find art objects, nearly impossible to take pictures since I got 'the white finger', (I have Raynaud's Disease); while not dangerous my fingers/toes can turn pure yellow/white and I can't feel them for quite awhile so I can't be out there taking gloves off to snap a picture and use a tripod. Lastly, my eyes water so much when it is cold out that I can't even see! Having said that, I'm still thinkin…

VAST Time #78/100

VAST Time, 2008

A few weeks ago I went hiking and as is the case stumbled upon 'found objects'. I found two VAST signs sticking out of mud and leaves just off the trail. It was obvious that lots of work had been done on trails/bridges and drainage systems so I figured it was okay to remove this from the land without feeling like I was screwing up some trail system. VAST stands for Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, there are miles and miles of snowmobile trails here in Vermont, you could travel to Canada and down to NY or NH. Pretty cool. Maybe someone who has traveled all the trails will find this clock a sort of time trophy? probably not...but I had to make this clock. I cut one of the signs up and glued the yellow part to the black to place above and below the center. One yellow strip in the middle serves and a mini head trip when you view the clock from a slight angle. The small hole just right of the clock hands is a nail hole where I would imagine it …

art out there

I've had an interesting few days. The found scrappy stuff I got (post below) was heavier than I anticipated and when I opened my hatchback and hauled one of those rolls of rubber/steel out my back decided to go out as well. It's that low low back outage, the kind that makes you unable to straighten up once you've been laying or sitting for more than a few minutes. The kind that makes your leg and foot feel like water rushing and your kidneys hurt and everything feels damaged.

The only thing I know to do after years of dealing with screwed up backs and necks and arms, is to rest, eat more protein and go for slow walks. Were I still 'wealthy' or a massage therapist I would go get body work done but since that aint the case I just slow down and be with it. Yesterday I went on a long slow walk in Stowe and saw this sculpture. Normally I don't pay much attention to art (strange isn't it?) but this time I was in 'in the now' mode. I took a bunch of …

behind the scenes

I'm going to keep people anonymous but I am going to relay some cool things. You know, for the most part I live my life pretty solitary. I have tod in my life, I live in the basement of this house I care take for, I have little to no interaction with anyone from my past and maybe one friend here in Vermont other than tod that I email and visit with when we are both up for spontaneous interaction.I rarely drive HUMANS when I opt to work at the taxi place, it's usually hospital STAT runs or courier runs.... I've always been a loner. When I was a massage therapist I had elite clientele. I've worked on a few famous people, upper echelon types etc. They were generous tip wise, I knew every Christmas I would get a few hundred dollars but other than that no one really got very involved in my life or who I was. It takes two to tango so I'm guilty of not fostering strong relationships. I usually made friends faster than normal because I bypassed the small talk. I w…


When it comes to conceptual art I am still baffled but a little less so lately. Tod was big into Anthony White when he started up his 'Money Series'. I would look at it and just feel irritated. Now he is doing something else with another artist and I feel even more lost when I look at that. (I will say I planned on making my 100th RR Clock using the idea of a steel Certificate of Authenticity as the 'bauble' before I saw this so maybe I'm conceptual by some strange default). Then there is the One Thousand Paintings site by Marcel Salathé. I think there is another artist out there who paints something that he wants and then people buy it and he uses the money to access whatever it was he wanted, be it pizza or a trip to Vegas to gamble (just found out it is 'wants for sale'). This is big on the internet, at least it was last time I checked. With these types of conceptual works I often wonder if the 'hype' and the 'buzz'...the partici…

ideas and supplies

I can't speak for painters, textile artists, or other disciplines as I have no experience in that realm of creativity, but I do wonder what sort of challenges they face when it comes to supplying themselves with the physical goods to their work. If you were to walk into my studio you would see I have shelves filled with boxes of organized pieces of 'junk'. I have my shelf of misc. nuts, bolts, and other hardware. I've also managed to line the walls and floors with large pieces of found steel, wood and other necessary objects that make up the meat of my work.

Usually I look ahead a bit and know what I might want to get started on as I'm working the end of whatever it is I'm doing. I feel a little panicked about not having enough unique objects that will go together well. This time I feel that more so as I look at those 1o clocks I just finished and realize I like doing these little series of replicas. I still have 5 exact pieces of aluminum (the back side …


I have a good day and a half left of my ebay/blog auction. I've had four bidders up it from ninety nine cents to over eighty dollars. I'm impressed and thankful. I want it to go for less than the asking price as that was the point...but I didn't want to be giving something away for pennies either. I will still have nine left after this and hope they sell sooner than later but thats another day to fret over.

What I find interesting is the amount of bloggers who have come by from Lisa Call's blog and Nellie's Needles. You guys have the audience most of us would kill for. My 19-25 readers a day has jumped up to 50 a day since you and a few other people have linked to my auction post below. Not a single new person has left a comment which would make it easy for me to get all weirded out. If it weren't for my traffic stats I would have no clue I had so much traffic going on over here, not only that, people are spending a good amount of time on the blog (or els…

out there

Last week tod and I went on a mini road trip. Seems like forever since we went anywhere new looking for baubles or photo opps. Ended up south/east in springfield, vt and then bellows falls. Springfield was interesting, not the town itself as much as a state route we took that was beautiful and sequestered from the world. Beautiful homes dotting the land, ranches, farms, much more upscale than I've seen, other than the Stowe area, in Vermont yet. It wasn't a lucrative day for photos/baubles. The above was some cool wood on a huge old building in town. I love that this is unedited in anyway, such color and texture dotted with nails that look like buttons.

Below is something I finally got me crazy but I LOVE finding thick rubber stuff on the roads. I've had my eye on this thing on the highway for a week now and today I couldn't take it, I just had to pull off the road and run out there and nab it. Gotta get what I can before the snow seals everything…

My first blog event/auction!

Keep in mind, I am selling just the one clock on the EBAY Auction. Starting bid for this is .99¢, auction ends Oct-13-08 19:33:27. The other clocks will be available for sale next week for $120. Details on where and how posted later on my blog.

And thank you Nellie , Sharala, Lisa, and Karen for sending people my way, you are wonderful!!!

Auction Tomorrow Night @ 7 PM EST(refreshments served later)

What lies beneath are ten ticking clocks. All are identical and all made from found objects. Tomorrow night, give or take any unforeseen problems, I will have one for sale via an ebay auction. I will post it on this blog.

I can preface this by saying there are actually 11 of these. The 11th clock is an AP (artist proof) and is slightly different in that the top of the clock is enclosed whereas the others are not. This clock I am giving to Tod because he found the long piece that I cut into little squares for these clocks. Because he has purchased a handful of RR Clocks this year. Because he will be offering the other 9 on his (mine too kind of) new website the end of next week.

The point of the auction is mostly to allow blog fans to have first dibs. The point is also to allow people a chance to buy affordable contemporary functional art. I have made these clocks identical (as close as possible given the medium) which also keeps the price down as the level of creativity stays ev…

fun, happy pieces of art

Okay, as of today I think I might be 97% done with this little series of ten clocks!!!! I drove the taxi yesterday for about 13 hours (can you say leaf peepers?) and still found time to come home a few times and work on them. I find when there is NO creativity involved I can still get cracking with many interruptions, I basically am finishing up the backside of them; by tomorrow or soon thereafter the clocks I ordered will be here and I will be done. I can't wait to show them off, I told tod last night 'they make me so fucking happy when I look at them, they are FUN!' Probably not a quote to use as a selling point, but it is the truth. Yes people, I have made FUN. HAPPY pieces of art. Probably the first time ever I've looked at something over and over and just smile, feel giddy and light.

what art is teaching me

The thing I like about surrendering myself to art is how much growth is happening in my non-art self. I will be the first to admit I have always been a reactive judgmental fearful self loathing bitch. I'm sure all those people I gave their weekly massages to didn't think that. They all made comments about if there is a heaven I will be there. They had my undivided attention and what little morsel of love I had to give; they looked forward to that one or two hours away from the job and wife/husband, kids, where they could just be selfish and have someone knead away those rocks of tension in their backs. I obviously had conflict since I would rush off to a bar or lock myself in my house and drink til I blacked out several times a week. I can't blame the massage job, I drank as soon as I got out of high school but that's another story.

Since becoming an artist I have had to have more 'normal' interaction with people. Before I was a massage therapist (which a…

thank god for warren and charlie

I had to take the blinders off.....for all the confusing negative stuff being said and speculated about, and for as little as I know about any of it, I have to say that watching this last night did me good. I didn't understand 1/2 of it but I still felt better.

Here is a link to Charlie's site.

art and meaning

I can only imagine, poorly at that, what it must be like to do installations or make art for a grant or fellowship. Honestly I haven't spent much time thinking about that and I'm sure it is because I'm still in my own world of experimenting and learning about me and this art stuff. The possibilities seem endless but I'm still not at a point where I feel I have something to say specifically with my art. I'm not sure I'd want the pressure of making a statement if that is what one has to do to appease the art gods in society. That might sound bad, but to me it is good. I like the freshness of not even knowing myself what is going to happen. It's still unplanned and feels natural. I like the spontaneity even if during the process I struggle when I want something to be a certain way and I know it just can't go that way, if anything I think it helps loosen up the rigidities in my being and in my life one cell at a time.

This little collection of ten cloc…