worth a watch despite....

I will never understand why art documentaries are filled with horrid droning music and narrators' voices filled with pregnant pomp. Having said that, I do recommend this DVD. Tod and I had seen it before on the documentary channel and probably forgot we did, so when he got his flick in the mail he decided to watch it again as there were things he wanted to 'get'.

I watched along and the one thing I don't remember hearing before was that Alfred was trying to get the word out about why buy art from DEAD ARTISTS when they can't benefit from it? Buy art from living artists who need the money! I love what a pioneer he was in the art world. His commitment to finding/seeing/showing and helping nascent artists blows my mind. He appears to have done it out of his own obsession and desire not his ego or bank account.

I've read biographies on his wife Georgia O'Keeffe and know they had a tumultuous relationship that didn't bode well over time, none-the-less they appeared to have a respect for each others' work which ultimately, at least I imagine so, was more important. He was after all responsible for her getting 'seen'. Interesting that he too was a photographer, an artist in his own right but seemed to have an affinity for knowing who had it and who didn't in the art world and seemed to prefer being behind the scenes more.


sarala said...

"Pregnant pomp"--that is just great. Certainly there are too many documentaries with that particular tone.
I'll try to remember to look for this.

*mo said...

don't buy art from damien hirst!!
he has enough money.
ok. that's my rant.