West Collection

I don't remember where I read about this, I'm thinking it was on Winkleman's blog, must've been because he has had some great posts on Tuesdays for artist Q & A. It was a coincidence that a gallery I am in told me that someone on the board at White Columns was interested in my work, and then a week later I saw Winkleman talk about that same place as a good online submission site, so I'm pretty sure I got this West Collection info there too.

Anyhow. The White Columns thing has yet to accept/reject me. It has been over three months and I thought I read on their website that you would know in two weeks. I even made a pest of myself and emailed them in regards to a thumbs up or down, the response back said in the next few weeks. I guess they are inundated as is everyone else on the planet.

The W.C. thing at least has a deadline, even if it too looks inundated. I submitted three photos of my mixed media work. Evolution, The Wonder Horse, and Jersey Barrier II. I feel good about those pieces. I really wanted to submit the clocks but I just don't think until I've 'made it' that any serious gallery will get it. I'm sure if I were Richard Tuttle they would slobber over them, but meanwhile get em while I'm still nobody.

You guys should check the site out and see what people have submitted. There is some interesting work to be seen for sure. I still get bugged when I see quotes like this: “These folks are tastemakers, ahead of the curve in discovering and promoting young talent.” that was from this page. I see it time and time again on almost every emerging artist form. I have to wonder how important that is since it is always slipped into the text somewhere.

I try to ignore it and hope I'm considered despite the fact I'm self taught, female and middle aged. I feel like I'm 12 yrs old. Does that count?


sarala said...

I've felt the same way seeing things promoting young researchers. So what if you want a second career or something? Do you have to be under 30 to count or something?
I'd be just as likely to promote a 60 year old who is new to a field, whatever field it is, if she has fresh ideas.

Daphne Enns said...

It is a bizarre selling point, I agree. Young taste makers? Bah.

self taught artist said...

you'd think with all us end of line baby boomers around we'd have our own thing going strong and squeeze those youngstas out!