progress on toxins but not printers

score one for a cold weld
score 0 for printer
the 2nd jb weld took (although I cheated and just stuffed
a steel spacer with the epoxy and shoved the two object ends
in the cylinder; at least I have the results needed for the
first part of this project prototype)
the printer shop called and needs to reschedule my
printer play date. Next monday. I have a week more
to sell my soul to the taxi gods and make money.


Kim Hambric said...

Hope that play date goes well, whenever it happens.

Right now, I'm really enjoying my visual of taxi gods. My imagination is going to have a great time with that today.

self taught artist said...

they are real kim
they keep you from getting killed on black ice and from getting speeding tickets...they just charge a lot for their services.