printers and toxins

I haven't had anything to take a picture of so only the hard core readers will glean anything from my blog lately. Tomorrow I will go in and test out that printer the woman is selling. I don't think I have to say that this is a big deal for me. Not just the financial aspect, because I get it that I will be spending another $300 in ink and god knows how much in paper and that I will probably need to buy a photo editing program if my psp7 sucks and I will need to buy a dahl paper trimmer. Then I will need to upload drivers and this and that and test things. Oh, I need to make a rolling table for the said printer as I have nothing to put it on and not anywhere to put it so I will need to roll it next to the computer as I need it.

Then there is just the logistics of using the thing and understanding how to get what I see on my screen to print out.

I'm also working on a project that entails using epoxy. I've only tried epoxy once, in the very beginning of my being an artist. It was a disaster. I didn't know how best to clean the surface (used rubbing alcohol and that was a bad idea), to scratch it up or how much epoxy to use. Now I'm trying JB Weld but still don't know exactly how to apply it. Both sides? Dab's? I tried using acetone (which is ungodly toxic) and freaked out when it splattered on my bare skin. I googled simple green and found a blogger who has used it so I'm encouraged that maybe I don't have to destroy healthy cells in my own body just to make art. My tester should be firmly welded as of this morning....I have yet to untape the two pieces (they were too small and oddly shaped to clamp), but I get the sick feeling I've not got a firm weld. When and if I get this project done I'm sure no one will believe how much time I've spent trying to figure out how to put it all together. I'm sure I'm warding off any trace of Alzheimer's by dint of creating mountains of new synapses in my head with all this figuring out how to do something.

*just as i feared, the weld didn't take. back to square one.


Daniel Sroka said...

Regarding acetone: back in the day before computers, we graphic designers used acetone all the time to remove wax and other gunk. We always wondered about that hazardous warning on the side of the stuff, but as one EPA chemist explained to us, you really need to bath in the stuff for days at a time before you'll have any ill effects. (Don't know if that makes you feel better about getting a little on your skin or not!)

self taught artist said...

well your still alive, so I guess that does make me feel better :)
the stuff splashed on an outside stone slab and ants went to it like honey, they made a little line of corpses.

*mo said...

hi paula!
thanks for visiting my new blog. i found a nice blogger template which i've been tweaking...there were just TOO many variables to learn for wordpress, and i wanted to blog..not to design a blog (maybe another time).
great deal on the printer, what luck! everything happens for a reason..i'm sure it will work out!