love the rr plates

Yesterday I took these pieces to the Lazy Pear Gallery in Montpelier. I just started showing work there this summer and they recently sold one of my mixed media pieces so it was time to fill the void. I was hoping to get a puzzle piece or two in; instead they wanted some of my RR Tie Plates. I was thrilled to be able to show those so off they went.

Every since I started working on the clock collection I've not made one regular plate, my plans this time would be to also have back brackets welded onto them to float the plate and make for easy hanging. These are my babies. They were the very first thing I started making in 2005. Considering I had no drill, no hardware and little in the way of skills, I'm very happy with the simple hanging technique which is basically wire looped through those spike holes and fashioned into a loop. They have proven to be sturdy and nearly invisible as they blend in with the work itself.

It will be interesting to see how the new ones I make turn out, I've been changed after working on the clocks for so long, I feel the clocks add a certain life that might not otherwise exist, the clocks would feel different if it was just the design and no hands. It was good to get these out, get them up and remember how fun all of this was. I drove by the stash where I collected many of the RR Plates, it is no longer there. I still have a box full of them in the studio, currently they work perfectly as weights for gluing wood.


sarala said...

Fantastic! I love the plates, and the clocks too. I hope you find something equally inspiring after the plates are gone.

Ellen said...

I love these plates, really impressive displayed altogether on your website. Can't wait to see what new plates you make after revisiting the format.

self taught artist said...

me too sarala...what else is out there so unique to work on???

thanks ellen :)

gigi said...

those pieces give off thoughtful energy. the gallery will benefit from that (and hopefully that will translate into something tangible for you!).

Michelle said...

Very cool, I love the textures on teh metal art pieces!