Future Time #76/100

Future Time

The above clock is made from a large found object. Last winter when Tod was driving around he was getting good at spotting things that fell off vehicles due to winter driving accidents etc. He came home with this very long piece of aluminum type material that we believe is a side ramp to a work truck. Below are the front and back sides of the piece which was easily 10 ft long. I had a few chunky black rubber washers and one fit in the circle perfectly, as did a paper thin washer to go in the very center. Amazing always how it all fits together when it came from totally random places on the road.

This weekend I began cutting it up to make a tiny edition of non-railroad clocks and noticed after cutting them into little box sized pieces that the back end slid out leaving me two for the price of one. The clock above is the back side. Very cool. I sometimes feel like it isn't totally my original idea when Tod finds the pieces but he assures me that I have opened up something in him that allows him to 'see' things that before he wouldn't have paid any attention to. He still has no idea what I will do with things and so far I still surprise him. I feel very fortunate to have a buddy that likes to find stuff and bring it home as a gift.

This was a hard clock to photograph, shiny and strange in color. It looks very futuristic and apocalyptic.


Ellen said...

Ooooo, I could happily own this clock (if I wasn't broke). 76 made so far! that's so impressive, your work ethic is completely inspiring me. So now, I need to go back to work.

self taught artist said...

glad you like it
i have it up right now
and am in love!

Steve Kane said...

Looks like something out of Terry Gilliam's movie Brazil, future-retro.