does my homepage make me look bad?

I still use FrontPage to do my website. I'm not learned in HTML or PHP or whatever that stuff is. FrontPage is for dummies. It has it's limitations and it's flaws, but for now I'll keep it because it is free and I can have control over my website.

Having said that, I've been changing it on and off this summer. I like to change the home page every now and then and recently uploaded this image as the back ground. The problem is, on MY computer it looked fine. On Tod's it didn't. The links were all supposed to be on the black squares and on his screen they weren't so I guesstimated and moved them some. I have a smaller screen than he does but it shouldn't matter since I use a table and center it in FrontPage.

So I'm asking, does this look like crap on your computers? I've checked it on IE and FireFox. Let me know if it's atrocious would ya? Tod's also wasn't liking the picture that much, thought it kind of sloppy. It is, but for some reason I like it. It isn't supposed to be perfect but I understand the general masses will want perfect in order to feel good.


Daphne Enns said...

I love the background. However, is it possible to either make the background of the labels transparent or else make them more obvious as though they were from one of the old school label makers?

Of course it's just a suggestion and only because it's the only thing that I can see that might need some tweaking.

self taught artist said...

I haven't figured out how to do transparent. If I just type it in in frontpage it then underlines the links which I think looks 'old school' so I did it in PSP7. I could try to make it more fitting to each block of background.
thanks for the feedback daphne.

self taught artist said...

okay i redid the background of the words

San said...

I'm on Firefox and it looks good. The look of it complements the style of your art I think. Right now I'm on an itty bitty laptop with a small screen and so I have to scroll down to see the bottom links, but most people are on bigger screens.

self taught artist said...

thanks san.
i get what tod is saying that is doesn't reflect my work as well as it could, but i am working on a piece using that material so hopefully it will all be more cohesive soon.

Daniel Sroka said...

I would show at least one piece of your work on the home page.

self taught artist said...

i know i should

gigi said...

hi paula,

I like how clean the front page is. I think if I were you I would try and make the link words brighter so they are easier to read, and I would move the all over to the right just a little bit so they appear more centered on the squares.

But I like it a lot! :)

self taught artist said...

thanks for the input gigi
i had them on other squares and thats when i ran into problems because on MY computer it was fine, on tods they ended up on yellow squares and the background on the words were black and didn't match.
guess i'll just keep playing around. my biggest concern was are the links at least on the black boxes on your computers.
has anyone wondered what the black thing is? take a guess?

Karen Jacobs said...

It's not a matter of how great it looks, but does it take you to the meat of the site (your work) first off? Yes, I see 'industrial material' there, but I don't see what you've done with it... a sample of your work. Many artists make the mistake of burying their work deep within their site... put a proud piece front and center, make the link to more images obvious to those who are flipping through a dozen sites in a hurry, looking for exactly what you might have but haven't shown them.

You call Front Page old? It was the new kid on the block when I was building with Netscape Navigator Composer... and still am! Never could figure out anything else after I learned the basics in Composer... takes me forever to put it together, but whatever works!

You've got a great site but I'm not crazy about the front page. On my middle size screen, I have to scroll to see all the links. The background image looks patched and doesn't fit well. Just sayin'...

self taught artist said...

thanks karen, I've been feeling like since I do a variety of work putting one piece on the homepage is just as easily passed over if someone sees it and thinks thats all I do.
maybe part of me wanted someone to at least click SOMETHING and go in there and look around.
but I agree, it could be better.

tod thinks its in the font, I need a good paula art font, like how ebay has its own etc. thats where I struggle.

and yes, front page is OLD, messy and kind of ineffective but it gets the job done. :)