devine dumpster finds

Free for the taking! Tod and I have been stopping by a dumpster in Stowe often as we can, they are renovating a building and this is where we've been getting mini loads of wood strapping. It's the good kind too, that 'green' pre-treated stuff. I was running dangerously low on strapping and dreaded having to buy it, it aint cheap and I go through a fair amount believe it or not. I use it on the back of many pieces of art for floating the work away from the wall. I also use it when I'm building/putting together work, comes in handy in so many ways. Sometimes I feel slightly ridiculous peering into a dumpster and taking things out but I have no pride when it comes to saving myself money, especially when something is literally being thrown away. Keep your eyes open you never know what you will find out there!


Lisa said...

You'll need to road trip to CO when they are ripping my house apart - I have not doubt some seriously cool stuff will get trashed. I keep telling him I want to find homes for as much as possible via freecycle but I think he thinks I'm nuts. I hate to see it go into the landfill! You are doing us all a favor by recycling this stuff.

self taught artist said...

the thing is, this is BRAND NEW STUFF....that is even more insane isn't it????

Bob Johnson said...

Wow, congrats on your find!