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before the blinders went on

Yesterdays post was about putting blinders on. What made me write that, aside from political, economical and just life in general goings ons, what really got to me was a post a blogger friend wrote about twitter. I have a few blog friends/artist friends online who I know for a fact are savvy on line marketers and getting more so by the minute. I got triggered. I went to twitter again to see what I was missing.

I was suddenly taken back to grade school. First grade. Second grade...and on up. I'm sitting there in class and the teacher is talking (picture me hearing what charlie brown hears when adults talk, that 'wah wah wah wah' sound). Basically I don't get it. Wild eyed and pale, my heart pounding in my ears while searching the other students faces to see if they get it. Test time, my eyeballs learn to move left and right with slow slyness looking for answers.

Twitter. I go to the page and see a page of one line messages that if you went to the dictionary and…

blinders on, ready to go

Right now I'm focusing on my first ever tiny edition of clocks that are all going to be as close to exactly the same as possible. I plan on auctioning one of them on the blog when all ten of them are completed. This is a very small edition I realize but that's exactly how many I could squeeze out of the found objects that will be used. These yet to be named clocks will also be considerably lower in price than my other clocks.

So the blinders are on. Less thought about what is going on 'out there'. I'm curious the outcome if I can keep allowing myself to go inward and stop the thoughts, the distractions, the voices and judgments and just stick with the doing of art. It's easy to let the economy and everything else that is going on rattle me. We were supposed to have a Realtor show the house we care take for today. I'm barely making $50-100 a week with the taxi gig. I feel the freak often...the jittery how will I make it if I have to move to a shit h…

devine dumpster finds

Free for the taking! Tod and I have been stopping by a dumpster in Stowe often as we can, they are renovating a building and this is where we've been getting mini loads of wood strapping. It's the good kind too, that 'green' pre-treated stuff. I was running dangerously low on strapping and dreaded having to buy it, it aint cheap and I go through a fair amount believe it or not. I use it on the back of many pieces of art for floating the work away from the wall. I also use it when I'm building/putting together work, comes in handy in so many ways. Sometimes I feel slightly ridiculous peering into a dumpster and taking things out but I have no pride when it comes to saving myself money, especially when something is literally being thrown away. Keep your eyes open you never know what you will find out there!

maybe i'm just a moron

I'm not going to out right link to these blogs because I'd rather not them come here and see what a moron I am. Deborah F and Ed W. Lately, especially W, these two have written blogs that somehow keep my interest even though honestly I don't really know half of what they are saying. I read these blogs with interest because they sound important and frankly they've grown on me. I admire Deborah as an artist but always get lost when she starts talking about I don't know what; and while mostly I would probably say 'hellow----' much like jerry seinfeld would say hello to newman the postman in the hallway for reasons unknown to me, he too has grown on me.

It is that political time of year. It is a time when quite simply put there is seemingly chaos aiming arrows everywhere in the marketplace. I read their blogs and come back to mine and think WTF do I have to say? Me and my here's a clock theres a clock. I woke up sour. I woke up sour because I stay…

worth a watch despite....

I will never understand why art documentaries are filled with horrid droning music and narrators' voices filled with pregnant pomp. Having said that, I do recommend this DVD. Tod and I had seen it before on the documentary channel and probably forgot we did, so when he got his flick in the mail he decided to watch it again as there were things he wanted to 'get'.

I watched along and the one thing I don't remember hearing before was that Alfred was trying to get the word out about why buy art from DEAD ARTISTS when they can't benefit from it? Buy art from living artists who need the money! I love what a pioneer he was in the art world. His commitment to finding/seeing/showing and helping nascent artists blows my mind. He appears to have done it out of his own obsession and desire not his ego or bank account.

I've read biographies on his wife Georgia O'Keeffe and know they had a tumultuous relationship that didn't bode well over time, none-the-less th…

progress on toxins but not printers

score one for a cold weld
score 0 for printer
the 2ndjb weld took (although I cheated and just stuffed
a steel spacer with the epoxy and shoved the two object ends
in the cylinder; at least I have the results needed for the
first part of this project prototype)
the printer shop called and needs to reschedule my
printer play date. Next monday. I have a week more
to sell my soul to the taxi gods and make money.

printers and toxins

I haven't had anything to take a picture of so only the hard core readers will glean anything from my blog lately. Tomorrow I will go in and test out that printer the woman is selling. I don't think I have to say that this is a big deal for me. Not just the financial aspect, because I get it that I will be spending another $300 in ink and god knows how much in paper and that I will probably need to buy a photo editing program if my psp7 sucks and I will need to buy a dahl paper trimmer. Then I will need to upload drivers and this and that and test things. Oh, I need to make a rolling table for the said printer as I have nothing to put it on and not anywhere to put it so I will need to roll it next to the computer as I need it.

Then there is just the logistics of using the thing and understanding how to get what I see on my screen to print out.

I'm also working on a project that entails using epoxy. I've only tried epoxy once, in the very beginning of my being an ar…

being grateful

UNBELIEVABLE! Today when I took my prints in to have them sent off for lamination, I was talking about prints and the woman said, 'hey! you want to be more self sufficient, I have a printer I don't need. I bought it last year for $900, you can have it for $350. The guy I bought it from takes great care of his machines and might even be able to tutor you'. I was incredulous and just gaped at her. She went on to tell me she needs the space and doesn't use it enough to warrant keeping it. She even showed me giclees she has made of her own artwork and the colors look great. I couldn't believe my ears! Just a few weeks ago I was looking at printers and thinking I really want a 17" but should only get a 13" because of the price. My heart said 17 my wallet said 13. Ultimately I decided to put it on hold since I was able to get a hold of the guy who does my prints (he closed shop for anyone reading this who didn't know).

It's an EPSON 4000 17&q…

no title

It's been a busy time in my bubble of life. Tod took a week off (which probably accounts for him finally getting some peace and starting that blog) so I worked more at the taxi place. That's over now and I'm back to little to no work for them and more art for me.

I am happy to report I was able to have prints made and I'm excited to have smaller wonder horse prints and a few new ones to work with. So off they go to be laminated and then I will be set for some mixed media pieces in the near future.

This week I have to go pick up some of my clocks that were in a private gallery in Burlington. Sadly he decided to just show his own work since he needs to also start using the small space as his work studio. It's probably time to find another place, it felt like a stretch to be in three places at once and there wasn't even a demand for my work. I think it expanded some invisible boundary in me and that was a good thing. I did answer a craigslist ad for a galler…

Sculpted in Time #77/100

Sculpted in Time #77/100

Some clocks are cool and some are SUPER COOL. This is perhaps the most exotic one to date. From a distance this appears bat like or birdish. Sure to be a conversation piece, just looking at this makes me want to own antique pewter wine goblets and invite vampires to dinner.

new blog!

It is with GREAT pride and joy and I announce to you guys a new blog by none other than my my friend, my mentor, my scrap buddy, my partner in life: Tod.

For those of you who haven't delved into my blog past, a quick recap of things. (you other people will be bored so just click the link)

I met Tod shortly after I decided I was going to live in Vermont. I had been camping and met an artist/ B&B owner while I was still camping who told me to stay with her until I found a place to live. My 2nd day at her place Tod popped by to buy some veggies from her farm. He had said he didn't really even want to, but he felt this pull to go. The minute he showed up the woman I was staying with said 'Oh good, Tod!, you must meet him'. She didn't really even know him save for the few times he came down to buy veggies. He and I ended up talking for hours. The three of us made dinner and all told Tod and I spent 12 hours talking that day. He left at midnight.

We became fast…


New revised home page. Thanks for the feedback on the previous one.

Future Time #76/100

Future Time

The above clock is made from a large found object. Last winter when Tod was driving around he was getting good at spotting things that fell off vehicles due to winter driving accidents etc. He came home with this very long piece of aluminum type material that we believe is a side ramp to a work truck. Below are the front and back sides of the piece which was easily 10 ft long. I had a few chunky black rubber washers and one fit in the circle perfectly, as did a paper thin washer to go in the very center. Amazing always how it all fits together when it came from totally random places on the road.

This weekend I began cutting it up to make a tiny edition of non-railroad clocks and noticed after cutting them into little box sized pieces that the back end slid out leaving me two for the price of one. The clock above is the back side. Very cool. I sometimes feel like it isn't totally my original idea when Tod finds the pieces but he assures me that I have opened…

does my homepage make me look bad?

I still use FrontPage to do my website. I'm not learned in HTML or PHP or whatever that stuff is. FrontPage is for dummies. It has it's limitations and it's flaws, but for now I'll keep it because it is free and I can have control over my website.

Having said that, I've been changing it on and off this summer. I like to change the home page every now and then and recently uploaded this image as the back ground. The problem is, on MY computer it looked fine. On Tod's it didn't. The links were all supposed to be on the black squares and on his screen they weren't so I guesstimated and moved them some. I have a smaller screen than he does but it shouldn't matter since I use a table and center it in FrontPage.

So I'm asking, does this look like crap on your computers? I've checked it on IE and FireFox. Let me know if it's atrocious would ya? Tod's also wasn't liking the picture that much, thought it kind of sloppy. It is, b…

love the rr plates

Yesterday I took these pieces to the Lazy Pear Gallery in Montpelier. I just started showing work there this summer and they recently sold one of my mixed media pieces so it was time to fill the void. I was hoping to get a puzzle piece or two in; instead they wanted some of my RR Tie Plates. I was thrilled to be able to show those so off they went.

Every since I started working on the clock collection I've not made one regular plate, my plans this time would be to also have back brackets welded onto them to float the plate and make for easy hanging. These are my babies. They were the very first thing I started making in 2005. Considering I had no drill, no hardware and little in the way of skills, I'm very happy with the simple hanging technique which is basically wire looped through those spike holes and fashioned into a loop. They have proven to be sturdy and nearly invisible as they blend in with the work itself.

It will be interesting to see how the new ones I make tur…

West Collection

I don't remember where I read about this, I'm thinking it was on Winkleman's blog, must've been because he has had some great posts on Tuesdays for artist Q & A. It was a coincidence that a gallery I am in told me that someone on the board at White Columns was interested in my work, and then a week later I saw Winkleman talk about that same place as a good online submission site, so I'm pretty sure I got this West Collection info there too.

Anyhow. The White Columns thing has yet to accept/reject me. It has been over three months and I thought I read on their website that you would know in two weeks. I even made a pest of myself and emailed them in regards to a thumbs up or down, the response back said in the next few weeks. I guess they are inundated as is everyone else on the planet.

The W.C. thing at least has a deadline, even if it too looks inundated. I submitted three photos of my mixed media work. Evolution, The Wonder Horse, and Jersey Barrier II.…


Today I composed work for a change. It never really dawned on me to take pictures of some of the scrap stuff that I use in my mixed media pieces and make it into its own art. I love these tiles, earlier this year I made a clock with some. I have that clock hanging on the wall in the living area along with five others all lined up vertically from ceiling to floor and let me tell you they make quite a statement. The tile clock in particular pops out at me and I am always visually quenched when I glance at it. Today I decided to grab some more of the tiles and just go for it. I can already picture this photograph hanging in one of my round pieces.

An update: The defunct photo lab owner has gotten in touch with me and is available to print out of his home!!! I'm still tempted to get that printer but my brain is in conflict with my wallet. EPSON has two, count em TWO rebates totalling $150 so I could get that 13" for under $400. I know paper and ink and trial and error wi…


The time has come. While I would like to get a 24" Epson Printer, I'm not up for the $3,000 price tag, or rolled paper and ink costs. Looks like I am going for the 13" printer. Looks like I can get it for under $500. This feels like a good investment especially since I'm not having any luck finding someone to print my work right now.

The print guy who went out of business has put up a message that he is available for giclee printing jobs, out of his home I am guessing, which I'm excited about BUT he has yet to return a phone call or email. I'm sure he has much on his plate but we all know I'm impatient right? I will still need him for large prints but for now I can start making my own smaller ones. The new place I went to isn't really as available as I need, they appear to have vague hours and vague help, it has already been frustrating and fruitless just trying to find things out. I'm not exactly a left brained person so of course I didn&#…