you weed puller

I'm a weed puller extraordinaire. Were it not for rain, I'm sure by Fri I would have easily surpassed 40 hours. FORTY HOURS. I pulled weeds for nine hour Tuesday and worked every day this week even in the pouring rain. I guess its a big weekend here and well, you can't have weeds in your driveway can you?

I am the low man on the totem pole and that is fine by me. Yes I do what the other gardeners (I don't even call myself that because I'm not) are probably relieved not to have to do if at all possible. After all, who wants a butt full of bruises from sitting on sharp pointy rocks all day? They are colorful so I don't mind so much. Yesterday Tod suggested I find a kneeling pad and we instead found a thin rubbery sled thing in the basement for me to use. Now I'm just inundated with mosquito and ant bites. The other gardeners are probably the nicest bunch of gals I've ever come across. While I'm still in outsider feeling mode, at least they talk a little with me here and there although I've been told talking is discouraged and for the most part I prefer to be quiet and alone.

So that is what I am doing. I'm supposed to finish up a piece that I took back from a gallery to revamp; it was my choice as I felt this piece could be better. An out of towner was interested in it but didn't like something and rather than print another print and have to wait weeks for the lamination thing and risk not having that ready in time I just took the piece apart and decided to redo it. Regardless of if I get it done in time and they buy it, I will be happy to have it redone. It's been unthinkable to work with so many people here at the house, and honestly when I come home at night I want to eat, bathe and go to bed. My hours have been something like up at 4 or 5 and leave by 7 come home in the midday and go back and work til dark.

I'm trying to work as much as I can stand just this week and next. I say that because I have this window of time where I am in pms overdrive and can do the job of 10 men. Might as well be gone from the house and not hear all the noise too. Might as well try to make some money to get this car stuff paid for. I saw an ad in the paper for a goat milker on a little farm, I don't think its in the area but I'm gonna call [just looked up the phone number and it's an hour away, bummer]. Haven't heard from the frame shop about the possible job and if I can find little solitary type jobs to do I should go for it so when winter comes I don't have to buy a truck and plow driveways eh? So off into the morning fog I go, pulling weeds. word. yo.


Ellen said...

I love that you can channel your pms into hard labor, I just want to sleep and bitch.

And been away from blogging a bit, but wanted to mention I love the pictures of the show. Your pieces look great!

self taught artist said...

sometimes...sometimes I'm a slug too.
glad you are back bloggin, i love your posts, i think it was you who posted a word yo thing didn't you? it stuck in my head. i had to stop myself from talking like a cowboy today :)