SOLD & other Marvelousness

So last night was the opening at West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park in Stowe. It is the first opening I've been to this year since I actually had work to show for a change. It is the first opening with their new big expanded insides that has doubled the interior exhibiting space AND it is the first opening that I've gone to and seen a little red dot next to a piece. While it did not sell that evening, it did sell that afternoon (i've always had this fantasy of selling a piece on opening night)

The wonder horse was up but not the close up head shot; they ended up putting evolution and wonder horse vertical to each other on its own painted panel. Evolution POPPED out. The horse was below it and not as stunning of a view. This piece (the photo) Phylogenesis was the one with the red dot. The cool thing is, I have my first repeat buyer! Last year he bought Fly Away. (another horrible white balance photo of the original work, I need to stop that) He isn't even some rich art collector, just a regular guy who lives in Canada. I think that is cool.

Anyhow, the opening was probably the BEST experience I have ever had. People really loved the work and for once I wasn't standing over by it in a self contained cloud. A lot of them still couldn't believe these were photographs and they loved that you could touch it and not ruin anything. I like people touching my art (if anything THEY get dirty and not the work :) I got to explain stuff and be effusive in a hopefully good way. Evolution definitely got the attention from people with one Bed and Breakfast owner set on buying it (she said were it not for the fact she just found out she needed a 20k roof she would have bought it tonight...frankly even if she didn't mean it, I am flattered and happy for her love of it)

This is also the first time people came to me to talk. Another artist there (a sculptor) who I have looked up to since meeting him upon arriving in Vermont, and who usually speaks one word to me stood there and jabbered. I met his new girlfriend and she is getting into welding and loves plasma cutting and invited me to come by sometime and get dirty! A really nice woman and someone I know I will enjoy getting to know regardless of the plasma cutter.

What else...Oh yeah, I might have also landed myself another job! The local frame shop woman told me her full time employee just moved and she is freaking out. This is the place I take my photos to be laminated. She is a pretty awesome woman and a successful artist by her own rights, she has always given me at cost prices for the works I bring in and she seems to appreciate what I am doing with my art. The great thing is she is wanting someone who can come in after she closes and just do the framing (ironic isn't it considering my disdain for framed art). It could be perfect for me as she needs someone through Christmas and god knows I'm not going to be pulling weeds when there is 3ft of snow eh? Not so sure I want to be doing as much taxi driving this winter either, way to stressful; so given that, framing sounds like a no brainer to try. (don't remind me the problems I have with numbers and measuring.....) I'm trying to remember what I learned when I spent that winter in MN while I was on the road and worked a little at a frame shop. For some reason nothing comes to mind. I will just have to pretend I'm competent. At least I can try right?

Tod went with me to the opening and as always I am ever appreciative of his excitement for my art and seeing other people look at it. I love when I sprint away from it to see other works or chat with someone that when I come back he is usually standing there explaining my work to someone with as much enthusiasm as I have for it. (truth be told he usually does a better job of it too)

So, here I am, up since 4am. Feeling excited and waiting for the gallery to open at noon so I can go back and take a few pictures of the wonder horse and evolution on the wall. I should take some pictures of the gallery so you guys can see how cool it is. The owner is also a sculptor and he has a new piece that is, get this, puzzle pieces. They are stacked on top of each other. It blew my mind, I will try to get a shot if it isn't raining (when isn't it raining lately????)

So, for as much as I dreaded going. For as much as I hated the last minute scramble of trying to find or fit into clothes that are even decent (artist you know...the shitty loose clothes you wear at home aren't quite suitable for public), I am glad I went and thankful for the interactions. Glad I had the opportunity to show my work and see others enjoying it. AND glad I got to write about it here and share with people that I don't really know but who make me feel supported.


San said...

WOO HOO! A sale at the very beginning of an exhibition. And to a repeat buyer. Sounds like a great omen--congratulations, Paula!

And meeting a new kindred spirit and talking to interesting people who love your work and a new job...and...you're on a roll and everything is just opening right up for you.

Yes, do take pictures so we can see your art in the gallery. That would be SO much fun. Next best thing to being there.

gigi said...

Oh, this is terrific! New work, new sales, new friends, new possibilities, new potential job.

New outlook.

What a great way to kick the most transitional month of the year off! xo

Angela Fehr said...

Congratulations! I hope that this has been a very gratifying week and that it just fills you with motivation to continue doing what you do so well!

Kim Hambric said...

YES! YES! YES! Try not to find a black lining to this beautiful silver cloud!

Anonymous said...

wow! major congratulations, how amazing that one door just kept opening to another! the exhibition sounded like a tremendous amount of fun (and i know how onerous they can be - even when the art is great, sometimes the crowd just kills the whole thing!) but it sounds like this was one of those shows were the climate was just right (minus the rain, though your pieces are so wonderfully moody, that even a little rain adds to their appeal).exciting & always inspiring!