gearing up to print

So I've been looking through the old photo shoots for possible pics to use in future mixed media pieces. I have taken a fair amount of pictures, and like this one, aren't really usable but I like anyhow. After finding out yesterday that my photo lab dude is gone I will admit to being freaked out a bit. I had a good working relationship with him. He didn't judge my work, he came to an opening I was featured in at the big gallery once just for moral support. He has gone over and over things with me that for some reason just don't stick in my head. I felt safe there.

This new guy is a professional photographer with a more than healthy dose of confidence. Maybe it wont be as bad as I am imagining. His set up is a lot different, the place is seemingly more of a gallery than it is a photo lab. He has one little area for that and an entire gallery space for his and others' photography. I'm used to going in and putting my work in these little computers and choosing the small prints for testing. I'm used to having the privilege of walking to the other side of the counter and going over things with him and getting a lot of personal attention. Compared to just trying to ask this new place a few questions and having him constantly talking to other customers at the same time.

Gee am I gonna pop out my credit card and buy a big EPSON printer? Hard to imagine. I need to print at least 32" wide. I'm sure that would cost thousands but I honestly haven't looked into it yet. Seems like a supreme luxury. How many cab driving miles will it take?

*Mary B, I didn't state the biggest reason for my angst...that being I had my computer monitor to match the print place (at least close as I could get it), which means all that is now out the window. I have to re-create older prints and re match to the new print place computer :(


Mary Buek said...

Paula: Love the photographs that you posted. I have to ask just exactly what you have your photo lab do. Did I read that you have them laminated? I would like to have some of my pictures turned into art that is not just printed off my Lexmark printer using tons of ink that costs a fortune. And yes, those Epsons are stupidly expensive. What is the largest that you have had printed? I don't even know what to ask for so I have been avoiding photo labs.

self taught artist said...

thanks mary.
well this guy worked with me on settings, sizing and computer/photo technical things.
I have my work laminated, I take the print to a frame shop who in turn sends it off to canada. (this you can do yourself but the shop does the cutting of the photo if I need it/drives up there and delivers it and charges me cost price so it's easier for me than doing myself)
This lamination process is different than just having a film or whatever it is they put over a photo. I've had that done and hated it. This place does it with machines and actually puts the photograph onto a 1/4 MDF board with beveled colored edges of your choosing. That enabled me to mount it onto scrap and use it as I do in my mixed media pieces.
To date I have had about 32"x39" printed. Want to go larger at some point....

San said...

The textural, dimensional quality of those photos is really beautiful, Paula.

I've had no experience with fancy printers. I'd love to have one just to archive "touchable" images of my paintings. I do save hi-res images on a couple of computers and on a back-up disk, but our little Epson printer does a pretty terrible job of printing them.

self taught artist said...

hey san, there are decent small printers out there that i'm sure are not only tax write offs :) but affordable. I'd get one in a heartbeat if I kept my prints smallish. let me know if you get one some day.